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UK Funding Development of All Electric Land Rover SUV

Posted 9/28/20

It’s a good thing we are electrical specialists. That could be a critical qualification for Land Rover/Jaguar repair soon. The company recently announced it was developing a prototype hydrogen fuel cell-electric SUV, thanks to a government program funded by the United Kingdom. It’s all part...

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The Future of Jaguar: What’s Down the Road

Posted 8/3/20

As Jaguar technicians, we love Jaguars. Repairing them is more than just a job — it’s our passion. So we were super excited to read Auto Express’ write up of Jaguar design director Julian Thomson, who discussed the new Jaguar XJ, plus sports cars and...

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Jaguar Boosts Range of iPace with Software Update

Posted 4/13/20

Own a Jaguar iPace? You might want to bring it in to our technicians for a software update. The new update will improve normal driving range by up to 20 kilometres — but there’s no change to the car’s official 470km range rating using the...

Jaguar’s Electric I-PACE Captures 10% of Company’s Sales

Posted 3/23/20

Despite only selling 160 Jaguar electrical I-Pace in September, Jaguar’s electric car flagship managed to make up 10% of the car manufacturer’s total sales in the month of September. Jaguar’s electrical market is growing, even if it’s slow to catch on in the US. Inside...

Why You Should Get a Cincinnati Radiator Flush

Have you had your radiator flushed in the last 5 years? It’s a good idea, especially considering the harsh winters and hot summers we get in Cincinnati. Most people overlook this kind of scheduled performance maintenance, but it really is important. Gunk builds up in your radiator over time, which can affect performance. It makes it that much harder for your radiator to handle the harsh temperatures. Experts recommend you flush the radiator every 30,000 miles or 5 years, whichever comes first. Your mechanic will first drain out the old radiator fluid and then flush the system with new radiator fluid to clear out the dirt and contaminants. Finally, he or she will fill the radiator back up again with new fluid. It’s an essential bath your radiator needs to maintain peak performance.