Jaguar Goes Head to Head with Tesla with Electric Relaunch of Jaguar XJ

Posted 10/14/19

Fans of the Jaguar XJ looking to reduce their carbon footprint have something to look forward to — it’s now been relaunched as an all electric vehicle.

With the move, Jaguar will be competing head to head with Tesla in the luxury electric car market.

“As well as aiming for the success Tesla enjoys with its larger models, the new XJ will be pitched as a cutting-edge alternative to luxury saloons such as the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class,” Autocar reported back when Jaguar announced the move in 2018.

The Jaguar XJ uses IPace technology, but on turbo charge. Instead of the typical 100 kWh.

“Each of those motors could be rated up to 200 horsepower,” Autoblog reported. “This reads like pie-in-the-sky concept spec, but if Jaguar were to do such a thing, the XJ would immediately claim the power trophy among its luxury electric competition.”

Sleek is the name of the game.

“The design has to signify the message of a sports car,” Jaguar design chief Ian Callum told The Week. “It’s not just a three-box sedan. It’s something people want to get into and drive. And that has to be a message of its shape.”

Standing Out Ahead of the Market

It’s a bold move, but Jaguar is banking on the innovation of its XJ to help it stand out and turn heads.

A similar sister car will be developed by Land Rover, also owned by Jaguar, dubbed the Road Rover internally.

That’s good news for Jaguar and Land Rover mechanics. Our electrical specialists can’t wait to get our hands on one.

The car is expected to hit showroom floors in 2020.

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