You Need An OH Auto Repair Shop That is Ready for Anything.

Mechanic using a wrench

Want exceptional auto repair at a place that understands European cars?

Then European Auto Specialists is the body shop for you. Don’t take your vehicle just anywhere. Take it to the people who truly understand it andhave that extra special touch that will make your car run beautifully.

For our mechanics, repairing European cars isn’t just a job. It’s a passion—a calling. We live and breathe European cars. We love to drive them. We love to own them. We understand what makes them tick. We’ve been raising the bar on the quality of car repair in Cincinnati since 2001. If you want quality, bring your car to us for repairs. We’ll have your BMW, Porsche or Mercedes purring in top running condition. To us, repairing European cars is an art form—one we are proud to excel at.

Our highly specialized auto mechanics live and breathe European cars. They don’t just repair them—they own them, drive them and love them. European cars aren’t just a job for us—they are our passion That passion is why we deliver some of the best specialized car repair in Cincinnati.

Equipped to handle the nearly infinite variety of ticks, screeches and grinds that a car that needs some may make, our courteous and professional team of certified mechanics has the background of experience and knowledge to know what to do and to do it right. Our customers come to us knowing that we arethe pros in foreign vehicle diagnostics, service, and repair. They continue to return knowing that they have not only discovered specialists that have an intimate knowledge of their vehicle, but that treat them with a high level of service and friendship.

Expert Repairs Require A Mechanic That Won’t Break the Bank

Not only are we foreign specialist mechanics with the requisite experience and knowledge for your particular needs, but we combine that exceptionality with fair prices. Whether your vehicle needs easy servicing and adjustments to make it run its finest and last longer, or if your vehicle needs a major overhaul to keep it roadworthy, we can do the job with a price that is competitive (particularly considering our level of expertise). We offer radiator flushes, import brake jobs, car diagnostics and troubleshooting. Try us out for yourself and see if you agree with our other returning customers that we deserve to be your solution for auto repair in Cincinnati.

Only the Finest Mechanic Garage Offers Expert European Service

We offer great car service locally so you can get great specialized care right in your neighborhood. We specialize in fixing Jaguars, BMWs, Porches and more. We’re a car garage that specializes in all types of foreign vehicles, delivering a unique level of care that’s hard to find locally. Typically, you have to go to Europe to get this kind of expertise, but we deliver it close to home. We know how to troubleshoot foreign cars and can fix just about any problem, including the tough ones that stump most mechanics. For specialized auto care, you’ve found the right place. Let our experts take care of your baby with the kind of care you can trust.

Wondering how long our expert car mechanics may take to fix your car? Be assured that we are always working as efficiently as possible to get your car back to you. Need an estimate? Feel free to give us a call.

Our Auto Repair Shop Can Handle Any Model, Anytime

While we specialize in European car repair, we can work on any car, foreign or domestic. Whether you need a radiator flush, electrical work, a tuneup or check up, we’re happy to help. In addition to BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Porsche, and Jaguar, we’re also happy to work on Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Honda, or any other model, foreign or domestic. Call us today and schedule a service appointment.

When’s the Last Time You Had Your Radiator Flushed?

Have you had your radiator flushed this winter? Bring your car into our auto repair shop in Cincinnati for a complete radiator flush. We’ll not only remove old radiator fluid, but flush out the contaminants to ensure you get the most value for your radiator.

Flushing the radiator removes built up rust and deposits. It also lubricates the water pump, which will lengthen its lifespan. The new radiator fluid will also include additives that help prevent rust and build up — protect against foaming of the system for a smoother running radiator.

We’ll also fully inspect your radiator system to ensure it’s in prime working order. It’s the best way to prepare your car to survive a Cincinnati winter.

Cincinnati Auto Repair with Online Help.

European Auto Specialists offers the driving enthusiast Cincinnati auto repair with online help. We make your automotive service needs a snap with our convenient online scheduling and “Ask the Experts” form. There is no need to waste any more time than is necessary with busy signals or waiting for a call back from an auto repair shop in Cincinnati. Simply fill out our easy form online and we will get back to you quickly. Ask our experts a question about your vehicle and you can receive the years of auto wisdom our experienced mechanics have gathered. Of course, if you prefer, you are more than welcome to call or stop by.

Our Cincinnati BMW Mechanics Understand the Special Care Your Vehicle Requires

What can you expect when you trust your BMW to European Auto Specialists? We deliver outstanding service and understand the special treatment your vehicle requires. When it comes to routine tune ups and inspections, our Cincinnati BMW mechanics can do a variety of tune ups on your car, depending on how deep into the car you want us to go. We recommend a thorough checkup that examines not only brakes, steering and clutch, but also includes spark plug, fuel filter and air filter replacement. It’s the best way to keep your vehicle running top notch. BMWs are not just any car. They are special machines, and require special care to keep them running their best.