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Audi Close to Spending $3B on Dieselgate Scandal

Posted 11/5/18

Talk about an expensive car fine. After paying nearly $2.47 billion in provisions to settle its Dieselgate scandal, Audi is ready to put the whole mess behind them. At that rate, our Audi technicians are glad they repair Audis and don’t make them. Yikes! Sure,...

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VW Boasts Record Year of Sales

Posted 7/9/18

It’s safe to say that 2017 was definitely a good year for Volkswagen. The company posted record sales for the year, riding record sales in deliverables in November and December. Registrations for VWs, as well as nameplates Audi and Porsche jumped 8.2 percent in October...

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New VW Diesel Engines to Test Clean

Posted 3/12/18

Nitrous oxide emissions were at the center of Volkswagen’s Dieselgate two years ago, when it was found that the car company rigged its engines to cheat emissions tests around the globe. The company has since apologized for the lie. And now it says it has...

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VW Bounces Back from Dieselgate with Record Sales

Posted 8/21/17

Dieselgate? Smieselgate! After pundits decried that Dieselgate would be the death of Volkswagen, is reporting surging sales and record profits. The German car maker reported sales rising from 10.3pc to €56.2bn (£47.5bn), while operating profit was up 7.8pc at €4.4bn. Our Volkswagen mechanics are relieved,...

Ask Your Repairman If Your BMW Part of Latest Recall

If your BMW is one of 46,000 cars in the US that is a 2005-2008 BMW 745i, 745Li, 750i, 750Li, 760i, 760Li and B7 Alpina equipped with the “Comfort Access” or “Soft Close Automatic” feature, it might have been recalled. Last May, the company announced it is expanding a 2012 recall. The company had received complaints from BMW owners about doors opening on vehicles not covered in the 2012 action. This recall affects six times as many vehicles as the original 2012 recall. If you think your BMW may have been affected, contact your technician. Don’t worry. BMW will take care of the bill.