How to Optimize the Performance of Your Jaguar Brakes

If you own a Jaguar, you’re not taking it for long slow drives in the country. Jaguars pack plenty of power under the hood. You’re only human, after all. You want to see what this baby can do—and that means red needling that engine line until sunset. These cars have speed, and there’s a certain freedom in pushing that speed to its limits. That’s why regular Jaguar brake jobs are such an important part of Jaguar scheduled maintenance. If you are going to give it all its worth, you need to stop on a dime.

At our auto repair shop in Cincinnati, we always stress the importance of regular brake jobs and brake flushes for your Jaguar. It’s a critical factor in car repair. In a car of this power and magnitude, your brake system is quite simply a lifeline. Make sure your brakes are running their best with Jaguar brake jobs and brake flushes. Don’t take your chances on this recommended Jaguar scheduled maintenance.

When it comes to getting the best from your Jaguar’s brakes it is critical to use the specified hydraulic fluid in the reservoir of your Jaguar brakes. As a general rule for mechanical work, do not mix or substitute the fluid types under any circumstances. The braking systems on a Jaguar are designed for a select balance of base stock and additives.

Keep Braking Effectively by Cleaning Your Braking Systems

When it comes to mechanical work, be sure to regularly clean your brakes as well. Dust and debris will contaminate the rotor and brake pads, which can cause a high pitch squeaking, as well as cause uneven tears and scarring to the rotor. Give the brakes a good hose down as you clean the car. That’s all it takes.

Also, do not put any lubricant on the brake pads’ surface or on the rotors. Brake cleaner can be used to remove any foreign oils, but always allow the cleansed area to air dry before driving anywhere.

Make sure the brake fluid is topped off in the braking reservoir by a Jaguar technician to ensure proper performance. Check with your Jaguar mechanic or your manual on which brake fluid to use, and you can top it off yourself whenever it gets low. If you are not sure, have a mechanic show you how to top off the fluid for the brakes of your Jaguar.

Make Brakes a Part of Your Regular Scheduled Jaguar Maintenance

Above all, get your brakes done before the pads are completely worn out. This means making a brake inspection part of your regular Jaguar scheduled maintenance and mechanical work, which should be an itemized calendar item like tax season or a dental cleaning. You’ll not only drive safer, but you’ll save money on brake jobs in the long run.

Other Jaguar repairs you’ll want to schedule regularly include a radiator flush, a brake flush, and an occasional inspection.

Give us a call or email us anytime. At our auto repair shop in Cincinnati, we’ll get you in and have your vehicle ready ASAP. Need a more accurate estimate on how long your brake job will take? We’ll help with that too. Minimize the hassle, not to mention the expense, by staying up on Jaguar repairs. We are the foreign car repair specialists, serving the Cincinnati area since 2001 with outstanding quality in car repair and car troubleshooting.

Ask a Mechanic, “Hey Fix My Jaguar,” but Who Do You Trust?

Jaguars are their own class of luxury. Clearly, no other vehicle compares. It’s a special car. When you call someone up to fix your Jaguar, you want to know it is someone you trust, someone who not only specializes in Jaguars, but lives and breathes this car like a true enthusiast. Your mechanic should not only be certified, but have clear import experience, particularly when it comes to servicing Jaguars. Imports, Jaguars in particular, have their own specialized problems and maintenance needs. Don’t trust yours to just anybody. Always remember to ask for a free estimate, and maybe shop for a few estimates to make sure you are getting a good price at the right quality.