You don’t need to look any further than here in Cincinnati for your foreign car repair needs.

You love your car. You know it is special. From the make and model, down to the specific details of what makes your particular car unique- and not least because of the memories that have been created. From that proud day you first purchased it, to the family and friends that have experienced it, your car is yours. You know her well, and she seems to know you. At European Auto Specialists, we also know cars, all cars, but especially your European vehicle, because import car maintenance is what we live and breathe.  Nowhere else can you find Cincinnati foreign car repair that’s the quality and value that we provide.

Choosing local auto care means staying close to home, which equals saving time and money.

Having professional car repair in Cincinnati, our lovely “Queen City”, saves you your valuable (and hard earned!) free time and money from having to drive to another large city. Let’s face it; it’s not too likely that you will find the necessary skills, professionalism, and experience to do the job right just anywhere. To find the appropriate specialists would require you to spend time and money in gas, accrue vehicle mileage, and perhaps even have an overnight stay with meals, which we all know adds up fast. Bring us your beast and we’ll make her a beauty.

The Kind of Maintenance for Foreign Cars You’d Expect in Europe

You don’t have to live in Europe to get great European car repair. We offer maintenance for foreign cars so you get specialized service close to home. We service all types of foreign vehicles, and understand the unique care each requires when it comes to mechanical work. Our mechanics are certified in handling these types of machines, and are passionate about the unique level of care they can deliver. We know how to care for the machines to keep them running beautifully for decades. Don’t leave your vehicle in the hands of just any service. We offer specialized foreign repair locally so you know your car is well taken care of.

We specialize in all types of European car repair, including:

  • vintage car repair
  • electrical issues
  • car diagnostics
  • car troubleshooting
  • import brake jobs
  • brake flush service
  • radiator flush service

Located at 4453 Sycamore Road, we have been serving the Cincinnati area has been since 2001. Our technicians have over 60 years of combined experience specializing in Audis, Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes, Land Rovers, and Jaguars. We’ve built our repair shop on the solid foundation of our reputation and our relationship to our customers. Our work is professional and guaranteed.

In Need of Cincinnati Jaguar Repair?

If you are in need of Cincinnati Jaguar repair that is at once competent and competitively priced, then you need look no further than the local pros at European Auto Specialists. Our Jaguar specialists have over six decades in the automotive service and repair industry, and we specialize in meeting the particular needs of European vehicles. Whether you need an everday tune up, or have a more specific or even unusual request in mind, we are certain to fulfill your needs. In fact, we strive to surpass them. Stop in and say hello or just give us a call at your convenience.

Cincinnati Audi Repair: Fixing the Brakes

Brakes on an Audi should be flushed about every 30,000 miles, or on an average every three years. It’s usually most convenient to have it done while having the rotors or pads serviced. Brake fluid should be a light amber. If it’s a dark brown, it’s time to call a Cincinnati Audi mechanic. You’re going to need a brake job. Brake fluid works like a sponge. Leaks in the brake line can be a real problem, as moisture will change the composition of the brake fluid, causing it to have a lower boiling point. This results in a vapor leak, which can dampen brake performance. To get the most out of your brakes, have them repaired often, ideally before they actually become a problem.