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Porsche Does 911 Fans a Solid with the GT3

Posted 2/12/18

Porsche just gave our Porsche mechanics an early Christmas present. The company unveiled the new 911 GT3 with Touring Package ahead of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It essentially turns the GT3 into a more affordable 911R. So yeah, we’re fattening our piggy banks and...

A Proven Litmus Test for Quality Cincinnati Mechanical Work

Looking for a reliable car maintenance work in Cincinnati? One great way to find out if your mechanic is trustworthy is to put them to the test. Take your car in for a problem you don’t actually have, and see what your technician has to say about it. A good mechanic will tell you straight that you don’t really need the work. If they come up with an estimate for a problem you suggest you have that you actually don’t, you know you’re being taken for a ride and it’s time to find an auto garage you can actually trust. Don’t be taken for a sucker.