Cincinnati Land Rover repair

The Land Rover slogan is, “Go beyond.” When you bring your vehicle to us, we also like to think we go beyond when it comes to providing you with excellent service. With more than six decades of combined experience servicing Land Rovers and other manufacturers, we’ll keep your car in peak shape. For your convenience, we offer a variety of services, including engine diagnostics, minor and major engine repair, electrical services, brakes, suspensions, shocks and struts, exhaust and muffler, transmissions, air conditioning, and more. If you’re looking for a service we don’t list, just ask.

Your Local Land Rover Specialists for the European Car Lover

Your vehicle is more than four wheels, an engine, and some steel. You vehicle is a significant investment and a major part of your life. You project your image with your car, and we know this is why you’re careful with who you choose to fix your Land Rover. Though our automotive garage services domestic vehicles, there’s something about European cars that we really like. There’s a mystique that they have, and because we’re also car lovers, we’ll fix your vehicle right the first time. We service Saab, Mercedes, BMW, Opel, Ferrari, Porsche, Toyota, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Mini, Lexus, Austin Healey, Jaguar, and others.

Take a Land Rover Vacation, Your Car Is Bored and Wants to Play

Don’t be one of those blokes with a clean Land Rover that has never seen a dirt road or mud puddle. Land Rovers are designed to take a beating, not sit in rush hour traffic. For your next vacation, take your Land Rover into the wild and see what it can do. You can even book Land Rover specific vacations where you can stretch its performance to the max—trips to the Alaskan wilderness, the Mojave Desert, or the beautiful American West. Make sure your Land Rover is in great repair by having it inspected top to bottom by a certified Land Rover specialist. Bring it by our auto repair garage in Cincinnati. We’d love to take a look!

Your Land Rover Car Doc Will Take a Look to See What Ails Ya

Think you’ve pushed your Land Rover over the edge? Our Land Rover mechanics are impressed. Most of the Land Rovers we see these days hardly even see dirt. We love it when Land Rover fans actually push theirs to the limit and find out what it’s capable of. No matter the damage, you’re in good hands. Land Rovers can take a beating, and we know just how to treat them.

Bring your vehicle in any time for a brake check, a tune-up, a brake flush service, or car diagnostics. We’ll take care of your baby so it’s back up and running its absolute best, ready for more mud. Just call us or fill out our contact form. Want to know how long your repair will take? We can usually get you in pretty quick, maybe even complete the entire job by your lunch hour. At European Auto Specialists, our mechanics have over 60 years of combined experience specializing in Land Rovers and other European cars.

Are You in Need of Reliable Vintage Car Repair?

As a collector you know that “vintage” means any car made between 1919 and 1930. That means that your “baby” is close to or beyond the centenarian mark. If she needs work, you don’t want to take her to just anyone. You want reliable vintage car repair, a mechanic who shares both your knowledge and your passion, someone who will admire and care for your ride as much as you do. That describes our staff, a group of specially trained and experienced mechanics who will get to know you on a first-name basis, and your car inside and out, giving you top quality service, coupled with a collector’s enthusiasm.

What Monthly Maintenance Should I Be Doing for My VW?

Regular maintenance can avoid emergency breakdowns to the mechanic. Having your VW serviced regularly by a mechanic ensures quality performance. They require special care. For starters, use only VW approved fluids in your car. Don’t assume it will take just anything generic. While you might get away with that in a pinch, using dealership approved fluids will keep it running its best. Ideally, have the fluids checked by a mechanic at regular intervals, including the brakes, power steering fluid, and of course the oil. Have the hoses and belts checked regularly as well. A simple hose can leave you stranded at best, or with a blown out engine at worst. Also, leave the maintenance to a VW specialist such as European Auto Specialists, the answer to foreign car repair in Cincinnati.