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The Future of Jaguar: What’s Down the Road

Posted 8/3/20

As Jaguar technicians, we love Jaguars. Repairing them is more than just a job — it’s our passion. So we were super excited to read Auto Express’ write up of Jaguar design director Julian Thomson, who discussed the new Jaguar XJ, plus sports cars and...

Tips for Great Car Repair, Cincinnati!

It’s a simple fact. You get out of your car what you put into it. Take care of it, and you’ll get plenty of years and mileage and fewer car maintenance bills over the long run. Make sure to get regular oil changes. Make flushing and changing your coolant a once a year habit. Don’t forget to wash your car regularly. This protects the paint job, but you also want to wash the bottom of the car to remove any wintry salt that will cause erosion. Wax your car every six months to protect the varnish. You should also keep it parked in the shade, as this will protect the interior from sun damage. Use a UV protectant to further protect the vinyl and plastic from cracking in the heat. And be sure to have your vehicle regularly tuned up by the folks at European Auto Specialists in Cincinnati, your local experts in European cars.