Specialized Foreign Auto Repair for Lucky Cincinnati Drivers

To uncover the finest in specialized foreign auto repair Cincinnati has on hand, call or stop by European Auto Specialists. Our team of certified master mechanics combines the know-how of avid car enthusiasts and technicians, with skillful and dexterous hands forged from years of automotive experience. We not only see the outer beauty of your unique vehicle, we can see it from the inside out. We are familiar with the craftsmanship and engineering that went into your car’s creation, and are familiar with the peculiarities of its special needs as it ages. From basic tune-up and repair to the intricate complexities of your car’s secret inner workings, we can fix, mend, and baby your vehicle as much as it needs. We are the best in the area when it comes to fixing domestic and foreign cars.

Your Favorite Next Door Mechanics Come with Excellent Experience

One might expect to find our level of expertise and high regard for excellence in customer service to come from a much larger city. Surely many of the more particular car enthusiasts may travel many miles to reach a shop that satisfies their high standards. Save yourself the time and inconvenience, not to mention miles on your car and visit a qualified foreign car repair shop in Cincinnati. You can find such a raised caliber of expertise and professionalism right in your backyard. Our experienced mechanics are second to none when it comes to import car repair.

Why Shouldn’t You Get Specialized Car Maintenance for Special Cars?

Why leave your vehicle in the hands of just anybody? Our car electrical specialists live and breathe foreign cars. We understand what your baby requires, and we’ll treat it like our own. We know the particular needs of each foreign vehicle, and we give it the special treatment it requires. We deliver expert specialized foreign car maintenance, saving you the hassle of improper repairs that will cost you time, money and may cause damage to your vehicle. Give your baby what it needs from car mechanics you can trust. You don’t drive just any car. Why leave it in the hands of just any mechanic?

Schedule an Appointment For Your European Car’s Repair Today

Since 2001, we have delivered exceptional European auto repair to Cincinnati. We are your one stop shop for all of your car repair needs. We do everything under the sun: brakes, radiator flushes, electrical problems, tuneups, transmissions and more. Our mechanics bring a combined 60 years of experience to every repair job. All of our work is guaranteed and certified.

Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment conveniently right from your computer. We will be happy to answer any questions before your repair. “How long will my repair take? How much will it cost? Is this the best repair option?” Because we pride ourselves on great customer service and building relationships of trust we want to make sure you are comfortable before you commit. Some of our customers have depended on us for nearly two decades. We service all makes and models of cars, including specialty cars, antiques, and historic vehicles. We’ll treat your car like it’s our own. We promise!

A Trustworthy, Dependable Cincinnati Car Mechanic.

European Auto Specialists is by no means a fly by night auto repair shop, nor are we simply interested in the bottom line at the expense of our customers. With twelve years in the business as a Cincinnati car mechanic and over six decades of combined skill and experience, we value our reputation and the life-long relationships we have formed with our customers. It is these relationships, and our customer service exceptionality in general, that forms the bedrock of our business and affinity to our community. We know our customers love their cars as much as we do, and we treat both with the courtesy and respect each deserve.

Find Experts at Our Auto Repair Shop.

Whatever make, model, or year your vehicle may be, it is certainly an important and necessary part of your life. That’s why you should trust its maintenance and repair to us. Our staff is made up of only the best trained and experienced mechanics in the field, all located here at European Auto Specialists, our fine auto repair shop. If you are not ready to trade up to a newer model, rest assured that our staff will keep your ride on the road for as long as you need. We do it all, both minor and major engine repairs, from electrical services to shocks and struts, exhaust systems, and brakes. No need to go searching for a specialist in air conditioning or transmissions; that expert is here at 4453 Sycamore Road.