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Time To Get Fixing: Is a Project Car For You?

Posted 5/1/22

One of the most devastating parts of being a gearhead is flipping through the latest issue of Motor Trend and coveting something new and exciting that is quite simply out of your budget. We’d like to have the purchasing power and space to acquire Jay...

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The Best Car Diagnostic Apps of 2018 for iOS & Android

Posted 2/18/19

Yeah, our mechanics love working on engines, flushing radiators, getting downright filthy. There’s grease under our fingernails from 1982, swear on our mother’s BMW scheduled maintenance plan. (We’ve got you scheduled for this Tuesday, Mom!) But that doesn’t mean we’re not huge tech geeks too....

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4 Awesome Diagnostic Tools for Car Troubleshooting

Posted 9/24/18

It used to be that to troubleshoot any car problems you had one of two options: Take it to local Cincinnati auto repair shop, or break out the car repair Ouija board and take your best guess. Thanks to modern technology, however, there are now...

Auto Repair Questions: Should You Change Your Own Oil?

Posted 10/13/16

DIY Car Repair: The Pros and Cons of Changing Your Own Oil Whether or not you should change your own oil is a question that will launch many die-hard car mechanics off of their barstools. There are several ways to approach the answer, but the...

Clicking or Rattling Sound in Your BMW Brakes?

Do you hear a clicking sound in the brakes of your BMW? Chances are something has rattled loose. The brakes are held together with a special holding device. Through the clunks and bumps of regular wear and tear, that holding mechanism can get jostled and fall apart. You could lose key components of the brakes, have the pad slip to a place it shouldn’t, or at the very least end up with inferior stopping power. Bring them in for an inspection. Sometimes it’s as simple as tightening a bolt. Put it off, however, and you could end up with dangerous brake failure.