Getting the Best Value From Your Porsche Cayenne Brake Job

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The Porsche Cayenne has absolutely earned its incredible reputation. Not only is it reliable, but also sporty, powerful, practical, and fuel efficient—and this includes both the coupe and the SUV version. Sure, like any fine import auto, it has an expensive price tag up front, but that price is offset by low maintenance costs overall. Naturally, there are some exceptions to that rule. Unlike brake jobs for those increasingly rare number of cars with drum brakes, Porsche Cayenne brake jobs are going to be a little pricier. All Porsches—including Cayennes—have disk brakes, which tend to require more maintenance overall, but still provide exceptional braking powere. The Cayenne’s all-wheel drive feature means it’s pretty handy in snowy conditions, and a lot of fun when you go off-road with the SUV model. If you are living in Cincinnati’s unpredictable weather, all-wheel drive is an important feature to consider when you are looking for a new car.

The Benefits—And Hefty Price Tag—of Carbon Ceramic Brakes

When you consider your bottom line while doing research for your your Porsche Cayenne brake job, think long and hard about whether you really need carbon ceramic brakes. They are top of the line—but with a top of the line price. What are carbon ceramic brakes? A review in USA Today described them as “a special high-performance option that replaces the common steel rotors and metallic pads with special cast rotors that use a proprietary composite, a mixture of resins, fibers and powdered metal.” These will make your Porsche Cayenne brake job considerably more expensive, to the tune of perhaps thousands of dollars.

Bottom line, if you skip the expensive carbon ceramic brake option on your Porsche, you’ll likely be better off. Unless you’re planning on taking this baby to the professional races, you really don’t need them, and you certainly don’t need that kind of auto repair expense when you schedule your next brake job for a commuter car.

Keep Porsche Cayenne Brake Job Costs Down As You Drive

No one wants to hear it—especially when you have a V8 Turbo under the hood—but the best way to keep the cost of your brakes down is to be smart with your braking. Just because your Porsche Cayenne’s brakes can stop practically on a dime doesn’t mean that it is good for your brakes. You’ve heard it all before. Ease off of the gas in advance of turns or a stop sign. Put it in a lower gear if you are headed down a big hill. Make sure your car isn’t overloaded and make sure not to tailgate—not only is it safer, but any sudden braking to maintain speed with another car will eat away at your brakes. Combine all of these techniques and your Porsche Cayenne brake jobs should be fewer and farther between.

Get Other Repairs Out of the Way During Your Brake Job

We understand how easy it is to put off much-needed car repairs and inspections.  Auto repairs tend to creep up on you. It’s not until you see that check engine light, the radiator light, or even the low fuel sign that we often decide to actually do anything about it. We know you are busy and don’t have time to waste getting your Porsche Cayenne brake job. One of the most common questions we get is “How long will it take to repair my car?”, and we want to make sure that time is as short as possible.

So here’s a little tip. Once you do bring your car in to our auto garage in Cincinnati, why not get a bunch of repairs and inspections out of the way all at the same time? We’d be happy to have our Porsche technicians inspect your car from one bumper to the other. The next time you bring your Porsche in for a brake job, check to see if you need any other Porsche maintenance or mechanical work while you are here. We can take a look at the brake fluid, check the radiator, inspect the timing belt, and even switch out the spark plugs and get that oil change out of the way if it is needed. Often, it’s scheduling and getting to the car mechanic that’s the most difficult part of auto repair for the driver. If you get it done in one stop you can be good to go with a purring Porsche you don’t have to worry about until next year.

You Can’t Trust Just Anyone to be Your Porsche Technician

From our experience, people who drive Porsches appreciate what they have. After all, this isn’t just any car. A Porsche is a fine luxury automobile, and it deserves to be treated as such by your Cincinnati auto repair shop. Whether you need brakes, regular Porsche scheduled maintenance, a tuneup, or any other repair, why would you trust the care of such a beautiful machine to just anyone with a socket wrench?

At European Auto Specialists, we are Porsche experts and enthusiasts. Our Porsche technicians understand the unique care these cars require.  We don’t just repair them, but also own them and dream about them. We almost see it as a privilege to be able to complete European mechanical work like Porsche Cayenne brake jobs at our Cincinnati auto shop. To us, a Porsche is more than just a beautiful car. It’s a lifestyle. 

So relax. Your dream machine is in good hands. We’ll not just keep it running in fine condition, but we’ll return it in tuned to absolute peak performance. We’ve been serving the Cincinnati area with superior European car repair since 2001; trust us with your Porsche Cayenne brake job.

Fix My Porsche! Are Used Porsches Worth the Investment?

A new Porsche 911 will easily set you back $90,000. Used ones can be had for $75,000. Older 997 models can be found for $30,000. The 996, which ran from 1997 to 2004, earned a bad reputation for an engine defect. It’s really not a big deal, and all you’ve got to do is call a shop and have them fix your Porsche as it’s pretty inexpensive and simple to fix. The water cooled engines of some 911s also earned a bad reputation, so you can get one for cheap, generally around $12,000. That’s a price similar to a Corvette, but at a vintage Porsche it’s definitely a steal.