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Need a Break from Repair? A Vintage Car Video for Inspiration

Posted 8/3/17

Taking a break from your vintage car repair? We understand. Repairing classic cars is hard work. Looking for some inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Check out this YouTube video of the most beautiful classic vintage cars. They’re amazing. We’re talking James Bond amazing. And if...

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Classic Car

Posted 2/13/17

It seems pretty obvious to anyone with two eyes and a heart what the pros of classic car ownership are. Have you seen some of the vintage models that were made over the years? They definitely don’t make them like that anymore! The drawbacks of...

Knocking Sound Under the Hood? Find a Jaguar Technician Before You Blow Engine

If you hear light tapping or knocking sounds in the engine of your Jaguar, it’s time to take it in to a mechanic. You may have an engine that’s about to seize. This can be a result of overheating or a lack of oil. If it has seized, you may need to replace the engine. This can be expensive, but a lot less than outright replacing the entire Jaguar. If you happen to notice your temperature gauge in the red, pull over immediately. Don’t try to make it home or even to the next gas station. You don’t want to risk blowing the engine.