Tips to Find a Reliable BMW Mechanic

There are any number of reasons you might be in the market for a new mechanic. You may have moved, they may have retired or closed, or you may have had a bad experience. Or you might be wondering if you can do a little better. Mechanics are like family doctors. Having a good one makes all the difference, and once you’ve found one your family trusts, you don’t want go anywhere else. Here are a few tips to find that perfect BMW technician.


If you own a BMW or European vehicle, taking it to a garage that specializes in those types of cars is critical. If they focus on your type and model, they’ll understand the issues, parts, and what it takes to keep the car at top performance.

Ask Around

The best garage reviews aren’t on Yelp. They can be found in conversations with family, coworkers, and friends. If someone has a mechanic they trust, they’ll share a reference. That’s worth gold that can save you hundreds of dollars in hard luck research.

Check for Certification, Better Business Bureau

Always make sure your prospective BMW mechanic has their proper certification displayed. Research the company through the Better Business Bureau. If they’ve been shady in the past, they’ll have a bad reputation that should be easy to track down with a few minutes of research on the Internet.

Tools for Self Car Diagnostics in Cincinnati

Did you know you can do diagnostics on your own car using a code reader? It can help you decide if the check engine light is really an emergency or not. You plug it into your engine’s computer system and it indicates a code. You can then look that code up on the Internet or in a reference book for your vehicle. More expensive scanners provide real time data that lets you see the same data your car’s computer is seeing. Still, the scanner generally will just indicate a problem, not whether or not a sensor is dead. You may still need to take your car to a professional, but at least you’ll have some valuable information to work with.