Jaguar Land Rover Makes Good on Its Pledge: XJ Sedan Launched as All Electric Vehicle

Posted 12/30/19

Jaguar Land Rover is making good on its promise to offer electric and plug-in hybrid versions of every model it sells by 2025. The European automaker recently announced its new flagship XJ sedan will launch first as an electric model, likely in 2020, GreenCarReports noted. Gas engine models will soon follow.

Longer Range Driving Technology

The electric XJ is expected to boast a 90.2 kilowatt-hour battery with a targeted range of 292 miles.

The new “Modular Longitudinal Architecture” technology for the XJ sedan is not to be confused with the platform that’s the base for Jaguar’s electric I-Pace, which is built at a Magna-Steyr contract manufacturing facility in Austria. The MLA platform will be built at Jaguar’s home factory in Solihull, England.

That’s good news for our Jaguar repairmen. Now we’ll be able to drive from Cincinnati to Columnbus on a single charge. We hear the Wolf’s Ridge Brewery in Columbus has a charging station.

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