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A Brand New BMW Z4 Goes Back to Basics With A Manual

Posted 4/22/24

It has become apparent over the years that car companies aren’t interested in selling their cars with manual transmissions. Public demand has waned, so many models aren’t even available with a manual option, despite those purists who know the joy and connection of taking a...

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M4 Competition xDrive: Supercar Acceleration on a Budget

Posted 12/19/22

There’s something to be said about a BMW. They are German engineered to perfection, sleek and speedy and absolutely gorgeous. And when BMW releases something new and a little bit different, its a good idea to sit up and pay attention. BMW’s new 2022 M4...

A Cincinnati BMW Mechanic That Respects BMW Craftsmanship

Posted 3/14/16

Created from what used to be a World War I era aircraft manufacturing company, Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke) began its initial production of land vehicles with motorcycles in 1923, followed by autos in 1928. Its familiar logo, the blue and white “roundel,” is...

Car Troubleshooting Tips for Overheating

When it comes to troubleshooting your car’s overheated engine, start with the pressure cap on the gasket. Sometimes there is a leak, which allows gas to escape and the radiator to malfunction. You may also want to check the oil levels, since oil removes as much as 75 percent of the engine’s heat. Your bottom radiator hose may also be collapsing, creating a circulation problem. You may also have a problem with the accessory belt that’s connected to the water pump. It should have no more than a half inch of give. If it is loose or damaged, you may need to replace it. You may also need a new radiator. Look for leaks by inspecting under the car after it has been sitting a while.