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Look Ma No Hands: The Rise of the Automatic Transmission

Posted 10/31/22

An Automatic transmission is one of those parts on your car that you just don’t think too hard about unless it’s broken. That’s the beauty of an automatic transmission; you press the gas pedal and the car goes. Anyone who has had the dubious pleasure...

Major Impact: History and Development of Automotive Airbags

Posted 8/23/21

Modern cars have numerous safety features. From seatbelts to blind-spot monitoring to anti-lock brakes, they are designed to keep you safe when you are behind the wheel. But one of the most invisible means of keeping you safe is hiding right under your dash. Though...

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Don’t Put the Horsepower Before the Horse

Posted 3/8/21

Horsepower is one of those terms that is ever-present in car talk, like torque, fuel injectors, and automatic transmission. Unlike those other terms, however, the word horsepower begs a number of unique questions. Why is it called a horsepower? Is one horsepower the equivalent to...

Why Car Mechanical Work is So Important to the Longevity of Your Car

Though the average driver may view their car as a way to commute to work, a source of fun, or perhaps a symbol of freedom; at its most basic a car is just a giant machine. A giant metal machine that you can hurtle down the road in at 60 miles an hour. When any part of your car needs work on its mechanical systems, it is important to make sure that it is accomplished with speed and precision. The failure of one part of the system—even the tiniest ball bearing—can have an effect on the overall car’s health.