Is Your Cincinnati Mercedes Mechanic Ripping You Off?

If your mechanic suggests changing your spark plugs and your Mercedes has 50,000 miles or less on it, he shadier than a guy selling Rolexes on a park bench. Once upon a time, changing spark plugs was a once a year event, like taking down the Christmas tree lights or paying taxes. But if you bought your car in the last decade, you shouldn’t need new spark plugs for at least the first 100,000 miles. If it does, either there’s an underlying problem or your mechanic’s ripping you off.

And if they recommend additives like they’re a cure for cancer, you might as well find a snake oil salesman to fix your car. Sure, additives may have their place, give you a little extra gas mileage, but it’s not going to solve any serious issue with your car. Only a quality mechanic can do that.

The Price of Parts

And if they recommend remanufactured parts, but then charge full price for them, you’re getting hosed. Remanufactured parts can get you back on the road for less, but they’re discounted for a reason. Don’t let your mechanic pocket the difference on your dime.

There are plenty of great Mercedes mechanics in Cincinnati. Find one you can trust. It can save you headaches not to mention thousands of needless repairs every year.

How to Test Your Cincinnati Auto Mechanic

How do you know if you can trust a particular auto repair garage in Cincinnati? Put them to the test. Bring your BMW, Audi, Porsche or Mercedes in for a repair it doesn’t really need. Describe the problem and suggest you’d like it fixed. See if they just take your story as is, or if they take a look for themselves to see if the repair is actually needed. If they do the work and charge you for a repair that’s not needed, they either are shady or incompetent. On the other hand, if they point out the repair isn’t needed after all and don’t suggest the repair be done, you know you’ve got something worth more than gold — an auto mechanic you can trust. Keep going to them. They are worth your repetitive business.

Why We Have Been Cincinnati’s Trusted Solution for Foreign Car Repair

We’re not just any auto repair garage. While we can repair all cars, we specifically specialize in European vehicles. Our mechanics live and breathe European cars. We understand the unique care and specialized knowledge required. We only use manufacturer parts. All of our work is guaranteed and certified.

We excel at Saab, Mercedes, BMW, Opal, Ferrari, Porsche, Toyota, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Mini, Lexus, Austin Healey, Jaguar foreign car repair. We have been serving the Cincinnati area since 2001 and bring a combined experience of over 60 years to the table.

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Should You Have Your European Brakes Annually Inspected?

Like an annual doctor check up, scheduling an inspection on the brakes of your European vehicle should be a once a year routine. This is the best opportunity to catch small repairs before they become expensive money pits. It keeps your car safer while costing you less. If you’ve been experiencing warning sounds such as high pitch screeching or your car swerves to one side or another when you brake, you may be due for an immediate inspection. You can also visually inspect the brakes if you can see between the spokes of the tire to the brake pad. It should ideally be at least a quarter of an inch thick. If not, it’s time to call a mechanic.