Choose a Cincinnati VW Mechanic with Decades of Experience

Choose a Cincinnati VW Mechanic with Decades of ExperienceYour Volkswagen isn’t just a machine with four wheels and an engine. Your car makes a statement to others about who you are what you represent. We know you want your car looking and running at its peak performance, which is why you need a Cincinnati VW mechanic that you can trust for routine maintenance and other repairs. Our technicians have more than six decades of experience in import car repair. While we service domestic cars as well as Audi, Honda, Mini, Lexus, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Saab, Mercedes, BMW, Opel, Ferrari, Porsche, Toyota, Volvo, and others, we really like Volkswagens. They’re fun cars to drive.

Think You Can Stump Our VW Specialists?

If you think you have a question that can stump even the most experienced mechanic, why not let us give it a try? Fill out our “Ask the Experts” form and let us see if we can amaze you. And we don’t just answer questions. We offer a variety of services and routine maintenance procedures, such as electrical services, brakes, suspensions, shocks & struts, exhaust & muffler, transmissions, air conditioning, car engine diagnostics, minor and major engine repair, radiator flush, and more. And if you’re looking for a service we don’t list, just ask. Call us, and we’ll become your trusted solution for VW repair.

Specialized Repair Service for VWs that’s Ahead of the Line

You don’t drive a regular car, so don’t leave its maintenance to just any regular mechanic. Our mechanics live and breathe import car repair, especially VWs. From import brakes to diagnostics to electrical work, we’ll ensure your VW stands the test of time and delivers the longevity for which the car is known. We handle all aspects of VW service, including specialized repairs most garages won’t even touch. For above the line service, count on us. We deliver premium care for premium cars. Why trust just anybody when you can leave your vehicle in the hands of specialists that will keep it running like a dream?

Was your VW affected by the Dieselgate recall? Not sure? Stop in and talk with our mechanics to find out. About 55,000 vehicles sold in the US since 2008 were affected by the recall. There has been a $14.7 billion settlement to compensate for environmental harm caused by the scam. So the next time you stop in and say, “Hey, fix my Volkswagen,” you might want to find out if you’re affected by the recall. Our technicians would be glad to help.

When’s the Last Time You’ve Had Your Radiator Flushed? Brake Fluid Tested? Let’s Get You Up to Speed

There are 3 words that never fail to get a blank look from many of our customers: Performance maintenance plan. And no, it doesn’t just apply to a car that’s under warranty. Any vehicle, especially the more vintage ones that need a little love and care, can benefit from a regular, spelled out plan for its maintenance and upkeep. That’s why we encourage our customers to just stop in from time to time for a checkup and a chat. We’ll check under the hood and make sure everything is tuned up and purring like a kitten.

When’s the last time you’ve had your radiator flushed or brake fluid inspected? What’s that timing belt looking like? How’s the clutch feel? If you don’t have a clear answer to any of these questions, it’s time to stop on by. Don’t wait until there is a problem to start treating your car right.

Expert Car Repair: Close, Convenient, and Reliable.

We offer expert car repair that is close, convenient, and reliable. We have been in business since 2001, and our expert mechanics collectively have over sixty years of experience working on all kinds of cars, from daily drives to classics to the vintage relics of the early days of automotive travel. Our goal is to keep you safely on the road, whether you’re driving for business or pleasure: your minivan to soccer practice or your toys on the open road. Beyond the necessary routine maintenance that keeps your ride running, we can diagnose and repair any automotive problem that might slow you down.

What routine maintenance does my Saab require?

Saabs are special cars, and as such, require special service and repair. When it comes to regular service and repair of your Saab, only use high quality oil every time you change the oil or add any to the engine. This will reduce friction and ease the stress on the engine. Always be sure there is proper oil in the vehicle, and be sure to check it regularly, especially if the vehicle is an older model and may tend to burn oil faster. Low oil causes the engine to work harder, adding unnecessary stress to the vehicle. Be sure to get regular tune-ups and maintenance checks, ideally through a Cincinnati mechanic that specializes in Saabs. Replace your spark plugs regularly, as worn out plugs can cause poor gas mileage.