Our Knowledge About Foreign Car Repair Can’t Be Beaten

When you buy a foreign or imported car, you buy it because you want the best quality. Everyone knows that German engineering is special, that British vehicles are in a class all of their own and that Swedish cars are both practical and wonderful. Cars from across the pond, no matter their country of origin, have that extra something that sets them apart and makes them that little bit more special. That being said, when it is time to get maintenance and repair work done on your foreign vehicle, you want to make sure it is in the hands of a specialist.

We understand this. At our Cincinnati import car maintenance garage, we love foreign vehicles as much as you do—its why we decided to specialize in their repair. While you can only own so many import cars at one time, you get to make an almost infinite number of these sleek beauties purr when you service foreign vehicles.

Let’s take a look just a few of the types of imported vehicles that we do repairs and maintenance on regularly:

  • Volkswagen is a staple of fine German car engineering. Fun and reliable, they won’t break the bank, and will treat you as well as you treat them. We would love to be your choice for VW repair.
  • Volvos are known for their safety and reliability. As the first automaker to have 3-point seatbelts, their safety records are a matter of historical record. Looking for a Volvo mechanic that can help keep you safe? We can help.
  • Porsches are as fun and reliable as they are versatile. Whether you are looking for a zippy two-seater or a comfortable commuter, they have got you covered. If you need to take care of your baby and are ready for some Porsche scheduled maintenance, we would love to have you covered.
  • Jaguar is an automaker that knows what its customers want. They want something sleek, refined, and classy, and Jags are always able to deliver. Jaguar technicians aren’t that common in Cincinnati—but we would like to think that we are the best.
  • BMWs are another perfect example of precise German engineering. They are beautiful, exclusive and a ton of fun to drive. Our BMW mechanics can do everything from BMW scheduled maintenance to electrical to brakes—they’d love to see what you have under the hood.
  • Land Rover is a company long known for rugged 4WD reliability wrapped in a package that can be as posh as a silk scarf. We know you only trust your Land Rover repair to the experts, and we’d be happy to help.
  • Audis are fantastic cars, gorgeous to look at, fantastic to drive—a beautiful blend of safety, reliability and fun. Does your Audi need some work done? Our Audi mechanic is ready to be on the job.
  • Alfa Romeo is a name in the car world that has long been associated with motoring excellence. They are sleek, powerful and oh so British. Look no further for your new Cincinnati Alfa Romeo mechanic. 
  • Mercedes is yet another example of a German company that knows how to make wonderful cars. They are quick and luxurious with unbeatable engineering. When you need Mercedes repair, we would love for you to choose one of our Mercedes mechanics.

Our ASE certified import car repair technicians are ready to take on any maintenance or repair needs that you may have. We would love to get our hands on your imported vehicle, whether it is a VW, a Porsche or an Alfa. It makes us happy to keep your car in top shape, and we would be honored if you would be willing to trust us with your baby. 

At EuroAuto Specialists we pride ourselves on the number of our customers who have been coming to us for years for their foreign car repair and maintenance. We would love it if you were another. Looking to make an appointment or just ask some questions? Want to know how long will it take to repair your car? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact us form. We look forward to it.