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Specialized Porsche Service and Repair in Cincinnati

Posted 12/27/22

Be sure to see European Auto Specialists for your Porsche repairs and parts. Our Porsche technicians have decades of experience in Porsche scheduled maintenance and repair and know these cars from top to bottom. We also specialize in the vintage car repair and finding parts...

Cincinnati’s Unrivaled European Auto Specialists

Posted 1/15/16

Your vintage vehicle is your prized possession, and when it comes European cars, whether newer or vintage, only trust the specialists! We work exclusively with European makes, from Volkswagen to Saab, Mercedes to Porsche, we are the Cincinnati area’s unrivaled experts in European autos. We...

Quality Signs of an OH Auto Repair Shop

What’s a good sign you can trust your Ohio mechanic to stand by their word and their work? For starters, ask if the work being performed will be under warranty. Most mechanics offer warranties for around 90 days or so. Make sure it’s in writing in case you need to hold them to it. And be on the lookout for simple repair mistakes. Is the work done properly? Was anything overlooked? Shoddy work tends to be a bad habit, not bad luck. If the maintenance isn’t up to par, find a new mechanic. And make sure they are certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence.