Cincinnati BMW Mechanics

Founded from a World War I era aircraft manufacturing company, Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke) began its production run with motorcycles in 1923, followed by cars in 1928. Its familiar logo, the blue and white “roundel”, is recognized the world over as signifying German quality engineering. The design is originally taken from the logo of its parent aircraft company and representsa turning propeller, shaded with the colors of the Bavarian flag. This Munich based automotive company—along with the other “big three” German luxury automakers (Mercedes-Benz and Audi)—have become synonymous with a trustworthy vehicles which contain unqualified mechanical systems. BMW also owns the “Mini” and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. European Auto Specialists in Cincinnati is an auto repair shop that respects BMW.

Be Sure to Seek Out Automotive Repair That Actually Knows BMW

Our BMW technicians understand why there are so many BMW aficionados. They are simply a great automaker with a respected and venerable history, well-engineered engines, and luxurious interiors. And like any car, BMWs require unique care, brake work, and scheduled maintenance. Don’t trust just anyone to fix your BMW.

A Local Specialized Service Garage for BMWs Isn’t Always Easy to Find

We live and breathe European cars, especially BMWs. We are a specialized service garage for BMWs that understands we’re not working with just any type of car. BMWs require a unique level of care and maintenance to run well. We deliver care that’s top of the line. Our unique level of care understands your car’s special needs. We also are dedicated to keeping your business, and work to ensure you are satisfied with each repair. Many of our customers have been coming to us for years because they understand we deliver a level of care they’re just not going to get anywhere else. Frankly, we are BMW people who get it. Why leave your baby in the hands of just anyone ?

Schedule an Appointment Right from Your Computer, Or Give Us A Call

Call us anytime during business hours, or email us or use our online contact form at any time to set up an appointment or ask a question. Want to know how long a particular repair or maintenance item will take? You can ask us that as well. We have been the experts in car troubleshooting in Cincinnati since 2001. Our mechanics bring over 60 years of combined experience to every repair. We offer comprehensive maintenance services on all European, foreign and domestic vehicles. We work on new and vintage models. Not only that, our work is guaranteed and certified.

Cincinnati British Car Repair From the Professionals.

Searching for a competent, affordable, experienced and all-around qualified professional to work on your British car? The European auto specialists from our team are well qualified to service your vehicle. We represent Cincinnati British car repair at its finest. Whether you have an early model Jaguar, a seventies-era Aston-Martin, or a modern Land Rover, our specialists have seen them in most all of their guises and have the years of experience and training to do the job right. Come in and see for yourself why we can be your first, and last, stop for all of your Cincinnati OH auto repair shop needs.

How Can You Avoid Being Ripped Off Having Your Car Worked On in Cincinnati?

Like doctors and lawyers, car mechanics come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are created equal. How do you avoid getting ripped off? How do you tell the specialists from the hacks? For starters, crowd source local service garages, beginning with the old fashioned way. Ask around. Nearly everyone owns a car, and most have their horror stories as well as their success stories. People stick to good Cincy mechanics for quality service, and they’re willing to share. Next, Yelp mechanics to see what others are saying about them on the Internet. Be wary of reviews that seem to be written by the dealerships themselves. A quality service garage won’t have to fake their own reviews. They’ll be too busy fixing cars.