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Why Our Mechanics Can’t Wait to Check Out New BMW m4

Posted 6/8/20

Our BMW mechanics are excited about the BMW m4 — expected to hit dealerships later this year. The car will bear a close resemblance to the radically styled Concept 4 Series revealed at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show. Autocar Reports: “New images of the coupé...

Despite Slumping EV Sales, BMW to Double Electric Output

Posted 12/16/19

Thinking about becoming a professional auto mechanic? Become an electrical specialist. Whether the car has a traditional engine or is a hybrid or EV, electrical systems in cars are more complicated and integrated than ever. And as the car industry begins to wholeheartedly embrace hybrid...

BMW’s Success in 2019 Continues to Climb

Posted 11/18/19

April wasn’t a bad month for BMW. Sales continue increase, growing another 1.4% for a total of 23,816 over the 23,482 vehicles sold in April 2018. That and the slight growth BMW also managed for January put it ahead of Mercedes, selling 3,584 more luxury...

BMW Struggles with Electric Car Sales in US

Posted 10/28/19

BMW is having a tough time getting US car lovers to plug in. BMW recently reported a whopping 52.3% drop in sales — posting an electric car sales number so small it was barely a blip on sales reports. As InsideEv’s reports, “Assuming 1,973 sales...

A Cincinnati BMW Mechanic That Respects BMW Craftsmanship

Posted 3/14/16

Created from what used to be a World War I era aircraft manufacturing company, Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke) began its initial production of land vehicles with motorcycles in 1923, followed by autos in 1928. Its familiar logo, the blue and white “roundel,” is...

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Use Certified BMW Mechanics for BMW Service in Cincinnati

Posted 12/4/15

There is a big difference between a general auto repair facility and an auto repair shop with BMW mechanics certified for BMW service and repair. A car mechanic with an emphasis on BMW and other European cars has superior access to reliable parts and can...

BMW Maintenance: The 2 Inspection Levels for a BMW

Posted 8/10/14

Own a BMW? When’s the last time you had it inspected? What about your regular BMW scheduled maintenance? If you can’t remember, you’re long overdue. Read this article, and then call your BMW mechanic for a routine maintenance inspection and some BMW diagnostics. A regular...

Even Used, Mercedes Benz are Quality Cars

Since 1926, Mercedes has thrived at making fine automobiles. The Mercedes name has long been synonymous with excellence. The Germans know how to make a great car. Mercedes is one car you can always feel great about buying used. Mercedes are built to last. Whether you buy a new one or old one, you can trust you are buying a quality car, most of the time. Of course, there are always a few bad apples- cars that hardly had their oil changed over their lifetimes or didn’t get the proper tune ups or were just ridden into the ground. Feel free to have our Mercedes Benz mechanics in Cincinnati inspect your used Mercedes before you buy. Mercedes is a quality car, even used. Let’s make sure you get a good one.