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Happy Birthday Porsche! The Anniversary of 3 Iconic Models

Posted 6/22/20

At our auto repair shop in Cincinnati, we don’t often break out the party hats, but when we do, it’s for Porsche. This past March, Porsche celebrated the birthdays of three iconic Porsche vehicles. Though this year’s Geneva Motor Show was canceled, Porsche took occasion...

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Porsche Heir Plans to Ice Race a Porsche

Posted 4/20/20

Many of the car mechanics at our Cincinnati auto shop own Porsches — but they really like to fantasize about owning the Porsche brand itself. Repairing Porsches is one thing — owning the company is another world entirely. What would we do if we owned...

Porsche Plans to Improve on 911 RSR’s Success

Posted 12/23/19

When you’ve got an award winning Porsche, you don’t start over — you improve upon what’s already there. Porsche renewed its faith in the classic Porsche 911 RSR with a redesign it hopes will defend the World Championship. As Porsche mechanics and enthusiasts, we couldn’t...

Cincinnati Fix My Porsche! Yes We Can!

We get asked all the time: “Can you repair my Porsche?” Absolutely! Our mechanics live and breathe Porsches. They are our specialty. And that’s exactly why you should bring your Porsche to our shop for repair. You’ll get specialized care from people who understand how to care for these beautiful machines. This means you’ll get factory parts repaired to specification. We understand the unique challenges and care the brakes require, as well as the engine and electrical components. Trust us. You’ll be in good hands!