Jaguar Offers Cincinnati Incentive to Sign On to the Electrical I-Pace

Posted 2/10/20

It’s no secret that Jaguar is trying to get in on the electrical car market, but US sales are struggling, especially in Cincinnati where plug-in stations are few and far between.

Jaguar recently announced a $5,000 dealer discount plus a $7,000 Allowance Credit. The deals aren’t applicable to leases and are only good for in-stock 2019 I-Pace models.

Jaguar’s Incentive for Tesla Owners

But the company has now decided to go head to head against Tesla and give that iconic electric car maker a run for its money. Tesla owners can get an additional $3,000 Tesla Conquest incentive.

That’s $22,500 incentive to drive an electrical Jaguar in Cincinnati. Which is good because owning the I-Pace requires a chunk of money.

Green Car Reports breaks down the price and explains why the market has been slow to respond:

“With the I-Pace’s starting price of $70,495, including the $995 destination charge, that means the price could be down to $47,995—or even lower if you have additional local or state incentives that apply. That’s a true luxury vehicle for almost exactly the price of a very simply equipped base Tesla Model Y.

“No single reason appears to blame for the I-Pace’s struggling sales. Globally, Jaguar has sold about 10,000 cumulatively, which doesn’t make the model a failure by any means. Stateside, it’s moved just 1,522 I-Paces from January through July—a small fraction of the numbers Jaguar had suggested leading up to launch.”

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