How to Find a Reliable Automotive Mechanic in Cincinnati

Finding an automobile repair shop you can trust in Cincinnati can be a lot like dating. You can’t judge all mechanics by their cover (or website), and you usually have to encounter them in person to judge whether they are worth a second date, let alone a long-term relationship.

But there are some pointers that are easy to check. Do they have an ASE Certification, or seals of certification from the ASA, AAA, or other auto industry groups? If these aren’t displayed, find out why.

Any automobile mechanic that charges double labor is probably taking you to the cleaners. Ask how much total time both jobs took if you are having more than one thing done. Some tasks can be performed pretty much at the same time, but that won’t stop a shady mechanic from charging you for twice the time.

Get All Work Authorized in Writing

Always get everything in writing. Signing a blank authorization form is like selling your soul. Make sure every repair is described, authorized, and estimated. Sure, estimates can vary, but if the price is off by more than $50, they should call and consult you about the extra expense. Any decent mechanic will guarantee their work and stand by the price they quoted you, unless there is a very good reason, and only after you’ve agreed to the new price.

Cincinnati Car Repair You Can Trust

Since 2001, we have provided Cincinnati with trusted car repair. Our mechanics have over 60 years of experience servicing fine European cars. All of our technicians are certified and our work is guaranteed. While our specialty is European cars, we service all makes and models, including foreign and domestic. We deliver the finest repair and customer service and are a one-stop shop for all your car repair needs.

How to Spot a Quality Mercedes Mechanic in Cincinnati

You value your Mercedes and want it fixed by only the best. When choosing the right mechanic to work on your Mercedes, start by inspecting their shop. Is it clean and organized? Is it busy? Does it have return customers? Are they interested in building a relationship or just billing you for a work order? Make sure they specialize in Mercedes. And make sure they don’t overcharge you or double charge you. Make sure all work is invoiced, and that the price does not go up substantially without your approval. Running up the bill without your consent should be a serious warning sign.