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A 2019 Porsche Cayenne: 2 Years and 40,000 Miles Later

Posted 4/4/22

When shopping for a new car the heart wants what it wants, but sometimes your bank account has other feelings. So as much as you may want a brand new Porsche Cayenne, you may have to ask yourself some tough questions. Will it be reliable?...

Teen Instagrams Stolen Porsche SUV

Posted 5/24/17

Admit it. We’ve all done stupid stuff as a teenager. If we’re lucky, we walked away from it. Years later, these shenanigans might even make a good wedding story. Chances are though, we didn’t post them on Instagram. A Georgia teen had the audacity to...

How to Find a Reliable Cincinnati Automobile Repair Shop

Are you “going steady” with a reliable Cincinnati car mechanic? Or are you running from one to the other in search of the cheapest price or the answer you really want to hear. Good luck with that. While it’s good to be picky on who works on your car, it’s also good to build a relationship with one shop so they get to know your car and know its history and the special care it requires. Once you find the right shop, stick with it. Make sure it’s a shop that specializes in the kind of car you drive, especially if you drive a European model like Mercedes, BMW or Audi. Do they answer all your questions? Do they guarantee all their work?