The Truth About Cincinnati Brake Flush Service Timing

Here is today’s piece of auto repair advice: don’t automatically take your dealership’s word for it that you need your brakes flushed every 50,000 to 65,000 miles. Brake fluid, if uncontaminated, can last the life of the car. The key words here are “if uncontaminated.” So, on the other hand, don’t assume that when your auto repair shop tells you that you need a Cincinnati brake flush service that it is just some scam to put your mechanic’s kid through college.

There Are Times When a Brake Flush is Very Necessary 

Though in a perfect world, the brake fluid will remain pristine though the life of the car, in the real world the brake fluid will eventually become contaminated, especially as the miles rack up. This can happen due to leaks in the hoses, the valves, or other parts of the braking system. When water or other contaminants get in due to these leaks, the brake fluid becomes hardened, ruining the brakes’ performance. If ignored, bad brake fluid can corrode your brake lines and all of the other parts of your braking system, which can ultimately cost hundreds of dollars in auto repair fees for replacement. The bottom line is, an occasional brake flush job that goes for less than $100 in Cincinnati, could ultimately prevent you from paying 6 to 7 times that replacing all of the critical parts of your braking system.

The main thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you don’t take the mileage at face value. The only way to truly know the quality of your braking fluid is to have a car mechanic inspect at your favorite auto repair shop. Ask for an inspection the next time you take your car in for a tuneup. It’s funny how often we ignore our brakes when you consider they are literally the line between life and death.

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The Awesome but Expensive Performance of Porsche Brakes

The brakes on a Porsche 911 Turbo are awesome, but they are also awesomely expensive. These brakes feature carbon-ceramic rotors that have amazing stopping ability, but are expensive to replace. The good news is they are extremely hardy and wear minimally. The bad news is they cost thousands of dollars. And they’re also much lighter, roughly half the weight of iron brakes. That’s great when it comes to speed and performance. They also use special pads, so you don’t have that nasty black grime that coats up the wheels. You get a lot of performance for that thousand dollar price.