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The VW Electric Dune Buggy — Beach Bums, Take Notice!

Posted 10/7/19

Back to the future: that’s how our VW mechanics described Volkswagen’s new electric dune buggy during some shop talk at our Cincinnati auto shop this week. Volkswagen’s new all electric dune buggy combined the perfect amount of future and retro in one tantalizing combination. It’s...

Top Car Blogs for Import Mechanics and Enthusiasts

Posted 2/10/17

You love European cars because they aren’t like any other make. They’re special. That means they need extra love, not to mention appreciation. What are some great blogging resources to help you love and understand European cars? Here are a few of our import mechanics...

Trust Your Specialty Vehicle to our Certified Mechanics

Posted 2/1/16

European Auto Specialists, we pride ourselves on retaining some of the best talent in the industry. Our certified mechanics are dedicated to treating your specialty vehicle or foreign vehicle like their own. That means that our customers enjoy a higher level of service and attention...

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Use Certified BMW Mechanics for BMW Service in Cincinnati

Posted 12/4/15

There is a big difference between a general auto repair facility and an auto repair shop with BMW mechanics certified for BMW service and repair. A car mechanic with an emphasis on BMW and other European cars has superior access to reliable parts and can...

Getting the Most from Your OH Auto Repair Shop

Want great service from your Ohio mechanic? There are some tricks you can do to make their lives easier and communicate your own needs better. Start with good communication when it comes to the problem you are having with your car. The better you are able to describe the problem, the easier the mechanic will be able to get to the bottom of it. And don’t forget to make yourself available with contact info they can readily reach you with. They may have a question or need approval for work that hadn’t been identified in your initial conversation. Even if you are busy, leave a number where they can leave a message and be sure to check it regularly. It will help the work be done faster and more to your specifications.