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5 Reasons Why You Should Flush Your Radiator

Posted 2/3/20

Most people neglect their radiators. That’s pretty obvious when the first winter snow storm hits Cincinnati every year. You’d be surprised how many blown radiators come in. But the performance benefits of radiator flushes are clear and obvious. Your radiator will work better and last...

4 Awesome Car Repair Tools for Your Man Cave

Posted 12/17/18

Like to do your own mechanical work, Cincinnati? We get it. Cars are beautiful machines, especially the European models. Repairing cars isn’t just a job to us. It’s our passion. We fix yours during the week at our auto garage, but on the weekends? We...

Signs Your Transmission Needs a BMW Technician

When is it time to take your transmission into a BMW mechanic? If your automatic transmission slips gears or slips into neutral on its own, it’s a sign. Even if it doesn’t shift immediately but pauses for a little bit, your transmission levels are likely low. Any transmission fluid leak under a parked car is also an indication of transmission failure, and if you run out of fluid you’re in trouble. Also check to see if your transmission has a reddish color. This is a sign the fluid needs replaced. And if you have a manual transmission, be wary of burning smells, which is a sign your clutch might need replacement or adjustment.