How Often Should You Replace Rotors on an Import Brake Job?

Every time you tap on those brakes, you’re taking life off your rotors. Not that you should fear using your brakes, since they are one of the most important safety features of the car, but just keep in mind that all parts of the brakes will wear out overtime. How fast they wear out depends on the brake pad, the quality of metal on the castings, the quality of the rotor, and your driving style as well as where you drive (Mountains? Frequent bumper to bumper?)

Brake pads can be one of the most critical components in determining how often you’ll need an import brake job. Semi-metallic brakes tend to have higher concentrations of chopped steel in their fiber, which causes more wear on the rotors compared to most ceramic pads.

Imports May Require Frequent Rotor Replacement

Most rotors are designed to last at least two or three replacements. Some imports, such as Mercedes or Porsche, often require them on every brake job due to special rims that are great for stopping power but tend to require higher maintenance. You’ll also want to replace both rotors at the same time, since they tend to experience similar wear and you want the braking power to be distributed evenly throughout the wheels.

Most Common Reasons Our Cincinnati Clients Ask: “Fix My BMW”

BMWs have justly earned their reputation as reliable cars, but no car is perfect. You probably drive yours just about every day, so there will come a day when something will need repaired. The most common reason our Cincinnati clients ask us to fix their BMWs include electrical problems and engine management. Usually, it’s something pretty simple, like windshield wipers stop working or the electric windows go out. Cracked alloys can also be pretty common and lead to tire puncture. Ignition modules do need replaced from time to time.