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VW Mechanics Rejoice! VW Outsells Tesla By a Long Shot

Posted 12/28/20

As VW mechanics, we naturally spend much of our time repairing Volkswagens. And it’s great work. Car repair is what we do, day in day out at our auto repair shop in Cincinnati. But we have to pass the time somehow. One of the latest...

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BMW to Launch Electric Versions of 5 Series & 7 Series

Posted 11/2/20

As BMW technicians, let us tell you how impressed we are with BMW’s commitment to the environment. The car company seems to be rolling new electric cars onto their showroom floor every day. We certainly repair a lot of BMWs at our auto repair shop...

Audi’s New Ad Campaign: Electric’s not for You? Yeah Right!

Posted 12/9/19

It’s 2019 — and our mechanics are always surprised by how few electrical vehicles are serviced in our Cincinnati automobile repair shop. But let’s be honest — car manufacturers, even BMW and Volvos that have staked their entire future on electric cars, are pretty terrible...

How to Become an Auto Repair Mechanic

Posted 9/2/19

What’s it take to be a car mechanic? We get asked that a lot at our Cincinnati auto repair garage—sometimes by high school or technical students learning about careers, sometimes by customers who are just curious. To put it simply, becoming a Cincinnati car mechanic...

Ten Most Reliable Used European Cars

Posted 4/1/15

No matter how much you love your auto repair shop, having to get your car fixed is never fun. It’s at best an inconvenient expense and at worst a dark and foreboding sinkhole that appears out of nowhere in your household budget. Minimize your trips...

Tricks to Keeping Jaguar Brakes Affordable

Brakes are like teeth. The longer you put them off, the more expensive they get. So when it comes to your Jaguar, be proactive about your brakes. First, educate yourself on the brake parts and what’s involved in their replacement. That way you’ll know what needs replaced and what just might need to be resurfaced. You’ll also have a pretty good idea if you need a brake job so you can catch the problem before serious damage is done. And anytime you are getting the car worked on, it’s a good idea to ask the mechanic to also give the brake pads a quick inspection. The more you stay on top of your brakes, the cheaper fixing them will be.