Six Decades of Combined Experience with Cincinnati VW Repair

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Volkswagens are fun cars to drive, aren’t they? But let’s be honest — they’re not the easiest cars to repair. Sure, they usually don’t need many repairs. That’s their beauty. You can drive them to hell and back. VWs are renowned for their reliability. But when they do need maintenance, you need a shop that will competently deliver. Rest assured we offer some of the highest quality VW care and European car repair you can get in the Cincinnati area. We pride ourselves on it. Repairing European vehicles is our specialty — our passion.

We handle routine maintenance, as well as a variety of other services, including shocks & struts, exhaust & muffler, transmissions, air conditioning, engine diagnostics, radiator flushes, minor and major engine repair, electrical services, European brakes, suspensions, and more. And if you’re looking for a service we don’t list, just ask. Our technicians have more than sixty years of combined experience working on VWs, so you know your car will be in good hands.

What Makes Our VW Mechanics So Exceptional?

As one of the premier automobile repair garages specializing in European makes, we love cars, just like you do. While we’ll service domestic cars, there’s something about European cars that we’re drawn to. We admire the rigorous attention to detail and quality engineering, and that’s why we pride ourselves in our own attention to detail and quality service. When you need VW specialists that you can trust, we’ll compare our reputation for excellence against anyone’s. If you have a car question and want to talk to an expert, please fill out our “Ask the experts” form with your question and you’ll see, first hand, our knowledge and experience at work.

Specialized VW Service for Specialized Cars

VWs aren’t just any type of vehicle. They require specialized care. Our mechanics are certified in the service of VWs. They live and breathe these cars. They not only understand the unique care require to keep these machines running beautifully. They can troubleshoot just about any problem, saving you time and money in the end. Why leave your vehicle in the hands of just any mechanic? Hire a service garage that understands the unique needs of European cars. We know how to care for these vehicles like they’re our own. VWs are our passion. Caring for them is our art. We’ll ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

VW Repair Jobs We Do Best:

  • VW brakes
  • VW timing belt
  • VW radiator flush
  • VW electrical checkup
  • VW exhaust repair

Do You Own a Classic VW? We Specialize in Vintage Car Restoration

Let’s face it. The 1960s are fading fast. These days, classic VWs really take some special love to not only stay on the road but look as good as they did in their prime. We specialize in the restoration and care of classic and historical cars, including old Bugs and VW vans. Our mechanics will not only get your VW tuned up and running smooth, but have it look as if it just rolled out of a dealership on its way to Woodstock.

We’re VW enthusiasts. Our technicians know how to restore these vehicles while respecting their history. And if you just want some free advice, feel free to stop in. We love talking shop.

Is Your VW Covered in Dieselgate Recall?

When Dieselgate rocked the VW industry in 2010, people had many questions about how the recalls worked and what they were entitled to. VW has been ordered to pay over $14 billion in settlements and repairs for VW owners affected by the scandal. Though it’s been years since the scandal emerged, many VW owners have yet to take advantage of the recalls or the settlement payments. Either they don’t understand what they are entitled to or they have questions.

At our Cincinnati auto repair shop, we can let you know what recalls and settlement monty you might be entitled to. We’re happy to do it.

Our Mercedes Mechanics Are Among the Best in OH and KY.

Do you own a Mercedes-Benz? Then you certainly want it to continue in the long tradition of fine motorcars manufactured by the oldest brand still in existence today. Our Mercedes mechanics will keep that engine in tip-top shape, ready to roar for many years to come. Experts in the field of foreign luxury cars, our staff is as dedicated and passionate about your car’s performance as you are, and we take as much joy and satisfaction working on your vehicle as you do driving it. With the support of our engine virtuosos, you and your own personal “Silver Bullet” can join the company of such racing greats as Jamie Green, Mike Conway, and Al Unser, Jr., at least in your vivid imagination. We will keep you on the road.