Time To Get Fixing: Is a Project Car For You?

Posted 5/2/22

One of the most devastating parts of being a gearhead is flipping through the latest issue of Motor Trend and coveting something new and exciting that is quite simply out of your budget. We’d like to have the purchasing power and space to acquire Jay...

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A 2019 Porsche Cayenne: 2 Years and 40,000 Miles Later

Posted 4/4/22

When shopping for a new car the heart wants what it wants, but sometimes your bank account has other feelings. So as much as you may want a brand new Porsche Cayenne, you may have to ask yourself some tough questions. Will it be reliable?...

Car Troubleshooting: What Does THAT Noise Mean?

Posted 3/21/22

Owning a car can be a lot of fun. It’s the physical embodiment of freedom, and nothing feels quite as good as cruising down the highway with the windows down and the perfect tunes turned up. But sometimes those tunes may be hiding something you...

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Michelin’s Airless Tires: A Greener Tire with No Flats by 2024

Posted 3/7/22

Ever since the Michelin brothers first experimented with inflatable tires on cars in the early 1900s, they have quickly become the standard. But times change. And sometimes going forward means taking a look at the past. Wheels and tires throughout history have often been without...

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Audi’s Electric Vehicles and the Talent of Ken Block

Posted 2/21/22

Noted rally racer Ken Block has recently gone in a slightly different direction from his usual projects. While known from his collaborations with Ford and Subaru in the past, Block has just joined with Audi for the very first time. Recently announced by DirtFish, Block...

Choose A Local Cincinnati Volvo Mechanic That Keeps You Moving

When you select a Volvo for your family, you know you can depend on the safety and reliability of your car. But every car, even one as sturdy and reliable as a Volvo will need to go into the shop from time to time. As much as we wish that brake pads and tires lasted forever, they still haven’t figured that one out yet. So when you are looking for a Cincinnati guy to fix your Volvo, don’t go to the dealership, but a shop that knows foreign car repair like the back of their hands.