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The Best Car Diagnostic Apps of 2018 for iOS & Android

Posted 2/18/19

Yeah, our mechanics love working on engines, flushing radiators, getting downright filthy. There’s grease under our fingernails from 1982, swear on our mother’s BMW scheduled maintenance plan. (We’ve got you scheduled for this Tuesday, Mom!) But that doesn’t mean we’re not huge tech geeks too....

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A $60 Gadget to Do Your Own Car Diagnostics

Posted 1/28/19

Our electrical specialists love tech. These days, cars are pretty much computers with engines and wheels, yet your average driver has no idea how to access the data. Here’s a $60 gadget that could change all that and connect your car’s interface to your computer,...

Radiator Flush: 3 Myths that Can Kill Your Car

Posted 1/21/19

Our Cincinnati car mechanics hear it all. The truth is, most car owners are very ill-informed when it comes to radiator flushes and heating and cooling systems. Myths abound, and many of them can be highly destructive if believed. Let’s take a look at some...

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After Weak Sales, Jaguar Ups Commitment to Electric Car Tech

Posted 1/7/19

One thing’s for sure. When it comes to Jaguar scheduled maintenance, electrical specialists will have plenty of job security in the coming decades. That’s because the company has committed to investing as much as 25% of its resources towards the development of electrical vehicles by...

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Why You Should Schedule Cincinnati Car Repair According to Mileage

A majority of the maintenance your car will require really does work like clockwork. It’s needed when the mileage hits a certain point. These repairs include oil changes, brakes, radiator flushes, and even tune-ups. That’s why we’re glad to sit down with you and come up with a maintenance plan that’s based on your current mileage and the average miles you drive every month. This way, there are fewer surprises. We understand. It’s easy to fall behind on repairs. But with the right scheduled maintenance plan, you can stay on top and get your car fixed proactively before there’s ever any problem. When’s the last time you brought your car in for repair at our Cincinnati auto shop?