Porsche Plans to Improve on 911 RSR’s Success

Posted 12/23/19

When you’ve got an award winning Porsche, you don’t start over — you improve upon what’s already there. Porsche renewed its faith in the classic Porsche 911 RSR with a redesign it hopes will defend the World Championship. As Porsche mechanics and enthusiasts, we couldn’t...

Audi’s New Ad Campaign: Electric’s not for You? Yeah Right!

Posted 12/9/19

It’s 2019 — and our mechanics are always surprised by how few electrical vehicles are serviced in our Cincinnati automobile repair shop. But let’s be honest — car manufacturers, even BMW and Volvos that have staked their entire future on electric cars, are pretty terrible...

Mercedes to Release Heated Seatbelts? Maybe….

Posted 12/2/19

It’s summertime — and so easy to forget how cold winter can get in Cincinnati. But our car mechanics are always thinking ahead. So when they read the news that Mercedes Benz was developing heated seatbelts, they got pretty excited. Mercedes has long been a...

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Don’t Wait to Fix Your Cincinnati Porsche Brakes

Does your Porsche need a brake job? At our Cincinnati auto shop, we always tell our customers to never put this off. A Porsche packs some serious power under the hood. That kind of performance requires superior stopping power. The pads will run you probably about $475 to $750, plus labor. But here’s the thing — the longer you put off a brake job, the more expensive it will be. You don’t want to wear through the pads and into the rotors. That’s an expensive ordeal on any car, but it costs a fortune on a Porsche. Have the brakes inspected at regular intervals. If you see the brake light come on, bring your car in to have it serviced immediately — the sooner, the better.