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New Coronavirus Relief from Jaguar/Land Rover

Posted 9/7/20

The coronavirus and resulting recession has had us all pinching our pennies when it comes to household budgets. As mechanics in Cincinnati, we’re lucky to have jobs. People still need their cars repaired, after all. And we’ve got an open auto garage and can fix...

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The Future of Jaguar: What’s Down the Road

Posted 8/3/20

As Jaguar technicians, we love Jaguars. Repairing them is more than just a job — it’s our passion. So we were super excited to read Auto Express’ write up of Jaguar design director Julian Thomson, who discussed the new Jaguar XJ, plus sports cars and...

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Can You Trust Your Auto Repair Shop? A Test

Want to know if you can trust the auto repair shop in Cincinnati you’ve been taking your car to all these years? Test them out. Bring your car into the shop and complain about a problem that doesn’t actually exist. See if they fix it and then charge you a bunch of money. Some shops will bill you for the work and not even do the repair if your car doesn’t need it. Others will repair it — swap out a muffler, for example, when the repair wasn’t really needed. But a trustworthy shop will tell you the repair isn’t needed in the first place — there’s really nothing wrong with your car. They are after your loyalty, not nickle and diming you for every repair. A mechanic you can trust is as good as gold.