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BMW to Launch Electric Versions of 5 Series & 7 Series

Posted 11/2/20

As BMW technicians, let us tell you how impressed we are with BMW’s commitment to the environment. The car company seems to be rolling new electric cars onto their showroom floor every day. We certainly repair a lot of BMWs at our auto repair shop...

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UK Funding Development of All Electric Land Rover SUV

Posted 9/28/20

It’s a good thing we are electrical specialists. That could be a critical qualification for Land Rover/Jaguar repair soon. The company recently announced it was developing a prototype hydrogen fuel cell-electric SUV, thanks to a government program funded by the United Kingdom. It’s all part...

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The BMW 5-Series is Getting a Major Update in 2021

Posted 9/21/20

Are you a fan of the BMW 5-Series? We are. At our foreign car repair service in Cincinnati, we don’t just repair BMWs — we drive them too. And we couldn’t be more thrilled that the BMW 5-Series is getting a major update in 2021...

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New Coronavirus Relief from Jaguar/Land Rover

Posted 9/7/20

The coronavirus and resulting recession has had us all pinching our pennies when it comes to household budgets. As mechanics in Cincinnati, we’re lucky to have jobs. People still need their cars repaired, after all. And we’ve got an open auto garage and can fix...

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Repair Advice from a BMW Technician

As BMW mechanics, we’ve repaired a lot of BMWs. We can tell you they are great cars, but like all mechanical devices, they will run into problems from time to time. One common repair issue BMWs tend to have is overheating. This is often the result of a radiator leak, a busted radiator, or busted water pump. If the engine gets into the red, it’s important to stop driving the BMW and let it cool down. You don’t want to blow the engine. BMWs can also be susceptible to oil leaks. If you have an older BMW, place a piece of cardboard underneath your car when you park it. Look for oil puddles. If your BMW leaks or burns oil, it’s important to keep an eye on it. Make a habit of checking the oil every time you fill up the tank. This is good advice for any car that has over 125,000 miles on it.