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The Collaborative Friendly Approach of BMW’s Tech

Posted 8/13/18

At European Auto Specialists, we don’t just geek out over the engines of cars. We love the entire package, from what’s under the hood to the design, marketing, and technology of beautiful European cars. And yes, our BMW mechanics love it when their Pandora stations...

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Stream Amazon Music Right from Your Audi Console

Posted 7/23/18

If there’s anything our mechanics love more than sleek, European cars, it’s music. Nothing blasts roadtrip like the perfect playlist turned up to 11. And since we’re also tired of sacrificing our CDs, we prefer to rely on music streaming options. And that’s why we...

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Would You Buy a 2 Door Luxury Land Rover SUV?

Posted 7/16/18

Land Rover is weighing offering even more options when it comes to adventure in its luxury SUVs. Last December at the the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, Land Rover hinted it was considering offering 2-door SUV as a flagship vehicle, perhaps on a limited run...

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VW Boasts Record Year of Sales

Posted 7/9/18

It’s safe to say that 2017 was definitely a good year for Volkswagen. The company posted record sales for the year, riding record sales in deliverables in November and December. Registrations for VWs, as well as nameplates Audi and Porsche jumped 8.2 percent in October...

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Finally, a Mercedes We All Can Afford: the A-Class Sedan

Posted 7/2/18

Mercedes is known for great cars, but not necessarily for its affordability. Well, the times they are a-changing. BMW is planning to release its A-Class Sedan, an “entry level” Mercedes with an expected price tag of just $30,000. The company designed its price for younger...

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The Benefits of Torque Pro as a Car Diagnostics App

Torque Pro is one of the most popular car diagnostics apps for Android. It’s easy to see why. It has a broad range of features and supports a variety of detectors so it is as versatile as it is useful. You can see all car activity in real time, including OBD codes, sensor data, and vehicle productivity info. You can keep an eye on fuel efficiency. It sends out automatic GPS tweets and records speedometer info in real time. One problem with the app, however, is it will eat your battery, fast. One advantage is the dashboard can be customized to the widget. It’s a solid app that has maintenance as well as performance advantages.