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Some Unreliable Classic Cars That We Hate to Love

Posted 2/8/21

When it comes to classic cars, they can be all over the spectrum when it comes to reliability. For every tough-as-nails Volkswagen Beetle or BMW 3-Series (E30 Generation, of course), you have a handful of beautiful lemons waiting in the wings to test your patience...

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Prepare Your Car for the Winter Doldrums

Posted 1/25/21

Though a vintage car owner may wish to show off their prized car at any time of the year, the variable weather in Cincinnati unfortunately only allows us to take our most precious vehicles out during the more temperate months. When it’s time to batten...

3 Signs You Can Trust Your Auto Repair Shop

We’ve all heard the horror stories of auto mechanics upselling customers on parts, overcharging for their services, or advising on a repair that isn’t really necessary. How can you tell if an auto repair garage in Cincinnati Ohio is trustworthy? First, listen to the way they explain what’s wrong with your car. Is it done in a way that you can easily understand? Even the most complicated repairs can be communicated clearly. Second, do they offer alternatives to a given repair or explain why a certain approach is absolutely necessary? Finally, do they have up-to-date Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification and can they prove it? Any reputable mechanic can show you their credentials and will likely have them displayed on the waiting room wall.