Why We Love Our Power Steering: The Evolution of Car Steering

Posted 5/3/21

Power steering is one of those standard and expected features that modern car drivers take for granted. Though it is standard issue these days, it wasn’t that long ago when parallel parking on a busy city street required more than the correct knowledge of angles...

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Volvo’s Swedish History and Their Focus on Safety

Posted 3/22/21

Back in 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweeden the company we know as Volvo was established with the idea of safety as paramount in their designs. The company’s goal was to design cars that were not only safe, but built in a way that they were equipped...

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Don’t Put the Horsepower Before the Horse

Posted 3/8/21

Horsepower is one of those terms that is ever-present in car talk, like torque, fuel injectors, and automatic transmission. Unlike those other terms, however, the word horsepower begs a number of unique questions. Why is it called a horsepower? Is one horsepower the equivalent to...

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Some Unreliable Classic Cars That We Hate to Love

Posted 2/8/21

When it comes to classic cars, they can be all over the spectrum when it comes to reliability. For every tough-as-nails Volkswagen Beetle or BMW 3-Series (E30 Generation, of course), you have a handful of beautiful lemons waiting in the wings to test your patience...

How Long Will it Take To Repair My BMW? Call Ahead and See

I’m sure we have all been in the unfortunate situation when driving in your car and hear an unusual sound. The sinking feeling that this can create is immediate. The good news is that if you hear one of those unfortunate sounds in your BMW, a mechanic who knows their stuff can often address it quickly. You may be tempted to put it off because you may not know how long a BMW repair will take, but your patience in waiting for any repairs to be completed will be rewarded with a happy and reliable car.