4 Awesome Car Repair Tools for Your Man Cave

Posted 12/17/18

Like to do your own mechanical work, Cincinnati? We get it. Cars are beautiful machines, especially the European models. Repairing cars isn’t just a job to us. It’s our passion. We fix yours during the week at our auto garage, but on the weekends? We...

european auto specialists bmw logo

BMW M5 Wins World Performance Car Award

Posted 12/3/18

The BMW M5 is a beautiful car. You don’t have to be a BMW technician to know it. If you ever happen to lay your eyes on one, we swear it will be love at first sight. In fact, we’ve recently promised to donate every...

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Porsche 919 Hybrid Sets New World Record

Posted 11/26/18

It’s safe to say the car mechanics at our repair shop in Cincinnati live and breathe Porsches. They love driving them, fixing them, and of course nerding out on them. They follow Porsche news like a soap opera fix. They not only know which model...

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Study Declares Mercedes the Most Valuable Car in the World

Posted 11/19/18

You don’t need to be a Mercedes mechanic to know that Mercedes are valuable cars. They are reliable, have a reputation for great quality and are built to last. And in addition to making valuable cars, the brand itself has also become very valuable. In...

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Audi Close to Spending $3B on Dieselgate Scandal

Posted 11/5/18

Talk about an expensive car fine. After paying nearly $2.47 billion in provisions to settle its Dieselgate scandal, Audi is ready to put the whole mess behind them. At that rate, our Audi technicians are glad they repair Audis and don’t make them. Yikes! Sure,...

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The Secret to Reliable Car Repair in Cincinnati

What’s the secret to finding great car care in Cincinnati? Don’t wait until you need it. If your car is broken down on the side of the road and you need a tow, who will you take the car to? If you don’t know, then you are at the mercy of your next best guess. Don’t assume you can just ask the tow truck driver for their recommendation. They’ll tell you the quickest name that pays them commission, not necessarily the best one. When you can take time to do your own research, you can take advantage of the advice and experiences of friends, coworkers, and family. You can pay attention to the horror stories, as well as the companies that turned out to be the best kept secrets. Having a great mechanic is worth its weight in gold.