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German Engineering Requires Specialized Car Repairs

Posted 12/13/22

Some of the world’s top vehicle brands are German, and for good reason; Germany has long been known for pushing the boundaries of vehicle engineering to produce automobile innovations that set the international standard for luxury and efficiency. If you’re driving around in a BMW,...

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Problems with Your Audi’s Sound System?Troubleshooting a Repair

Posted 6/24/19

Audi’s entire radio and navigation system is built on the Audi MMI (Multi Media Interface) platform, which is contained in an infotainment screen on the dash. It encompasses a number of handy electronic features including phone calling, Bluetooth connectivity, and satellite radio. The entire system...

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Smaller, Affordable SUVs Coming to a Driveway Near You

Posted 4/15/19

Most of the mechanics at European Auto Specialists have families. We’ve got the equivalent of half a baseball team to transport to soccer practice, violin lessons, and the occasional Chuck E. Cheese outing. SUVs are just a fact of life. Fortunately for us, the market...

Your Cincinnati Mechanic That Specializes in Audi Service

Posted 1/4/16

A generic auto repair facility may be able to fix a broken part on your Audi—but why would you allow an amateur to put their hands on your fine German-engineered car? Only an experienced Audi mechanic who has been specially trained in Audi repair can...

How to Diagnose Your Audi When It Needs Auto Repair

Posted 7/3/14

Diagnose Your Audi for Repair Without the Car Repair Shop Audis are beautiful machines that almost have personalities of their own. And like anyone else with a personality, they communicate—if you learn to speak their language. Many Audi repair issues can be diagnosed according to...

Does Your Car Really Need a Brake Flush Service?

Should you get your brakes flushed? If moisture gets into the system, you certainly should. Moisture can cause the components of your braking system to rust, which could require brake replacement. Moisture can also cause the brake fluid to boil, further damaging the braking systems. Most import manufacturers of European cars such as Porsche, BMW, or Jag recommend every two years or 30,000 miles. It is at least a good idea to have the fluid inspected periodically for moisture. Fluid should be clear or translucent. Brown fluid means some moisture has gotten into the system and you may need it flushed. Black fluid indicates a more serious problem that requires immediate mechanical attention.