How to Save on BMW Scheduled Maintenance

BMWs are amazing cars. They have superb performance and reliability. We know this because we are BMW technicians. We repair BMWs, live and breathe BMWs. But if you really want to harness everything these cars have to offer, you’ll follow your performance maintenance schedule to a T. That’s how you get the best performance and use of these machines. If you truly value your BMW, you’ll work one on one with your car mechanic to make sure every scheduled repair is done right and on time like clockwork.

The fact is you can actually get a higher quality of care by taking your BMW to a mechanic that specializes in BMWs — not the dealership. You’ll save more and get better service. How beautiful is that?

Only Take Warranty Repairs to Dealer

Even if you have a warranty that covers the vehicle, it likely doesn’t cover brake pads and other routine maintenance. This you’ll have to pay, and as previously mentioned, you’ll spend a lot less at a specialized shop than a dealership, which is sure to take you to the cleaners.

Review your service manual for all scheduled work according to mileage. And if they recommend additional work as part of a package, check to see if the work is actually necessary. It’s not really a savings if you are paying extra for work that is not really needed. By consulting your owner’s manual and taking your vehicle to a non-dealership specialist for work not under warranty, you should be able to save considerably.

BMW Specialists for All Your Repair Needs

If you own a BMW, it requires highly specialized care to maintain top performance. Not just any mechanic will do. European Auto Specialists has over 60 years of combined experience repairing BMWs and other specialty European automotives. We live and breathe BMW and will treat your vehicle with the utmost care it deserves.

This isn’t just a job for us. Repairing BMWs is our passion and our art Our mechanics understand BMW scheduled maintenance as well as BMW brakes and the care they need. We have electrical specialists on hand to diagnose any electrical problems you have. Our technicians can troubleshoot any repair problem and have your car running perfectly.

European Auto Specialists has provided certified car repair to the Cincinnati area since 2001. Feel free to stop in or call with any question or concern you have. You can also fill out our online contact form and schedule an appointment right from your computer.

How Often Should You Get a Radiator Flush in Cincinnati?

Like disco and bad knees, radiator fluid wears out over time. Every so often, it is necessary to flush your radiator in order to maintain a prime efficiency in your coolant system. This involves draining the old coolant and replacing it with new coolant, or more exactly a mix of antifreeze and water. The solution is then circulated throughout your radiator to dissolve any build up in the lines. When the circulation is complete, drain the system and mix in another batch. Most manufacturers recommend every 40,000 to 60,000 miles, though there is no hard and fast rule. If you live in a cold weather climate like Cincinnati, however, you should consider more frequent radiator flushes.