Regular Repairs You Should Check with Your Cincinnati Car Mechanic

When it comes to regularly scheduled maintenance, you really should have a checklist, scheduled on an annual calendar, and follow it like clockwork. There are certain repairs that will need to be completed at certain intervals—either by timeline or mileage. This can include brake jobs, radiator flushes, brake fluid changes, replacement of belts, and regular inspections. Each vehicle follows its own particular timeline, but the pattern is always the same, whether you own a Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, or BMW. Talk to one of our repair technicians to see what repairs are required for your European car and when.

Our auto repair shop has delivered specialized European car repair to the greater Cincinnati area for nearly 2 decades now.

When it comes to car repair, you can save yourself a bundle simply by keeping up with the basics. Periodically give your car a personal inspection. Check everything that is standard. Make sure the headlights are in good condition. Make sure to check the air in your the tires (this can substantially save you on gas). Listen for strange engine sounds. Anything that sounds off you might want to refer to your Cincinnati mechanic.

Don’t forget to check your fluids. You can’t always rely on warning lights. In many cases, it’s too late by then. While many people remember to check their oil, they forget about power steering fluid, antifreeze, and brake fluid. Most fluids have built in dip sticks that make them easy to inspect. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the less familiar options.

Sometimes Maintenance is as Simple As Checking Batteries and Filters

Check your battery for leaks and rust. In the case of rust build up, you can clean the battery and connections with a battery cleaning brush. They cost about $2 in any auto parts store.

Make sure to regularly replace cabin and engine air filters. You’ll generally know when these start to go because they’ll smell like gas or the engine. It’s a simple repair but also one that many forget.

Another simple repair you need to make to your car is switching out the spark plugs. Worn out spark plugs can seriously impact engine performance. This can lead to mileage inefficiency, or at worst it could mean a total breakdown. Make sure to have them changed regularly: generally about every 30,000 miles or so for most vehicles.

Talk to Us About a Scheduled Maintenance Plan For Your Car’s Health

Whenever you bring your car in, it’s good to be looking towards the future. We can give your car a general inspection and let you know what repairs might be coming down the line. We’ll inspect your brakes, radiator fluid, and tires to help you stay ahead of repairs. Things naturally wear out on schedule and certain repairs will be needed after so many miles. We can also help you calculate your average mileage to better plan for when those repairs will be. We believe in an approach to European car maintenance that is proactive rather than a reactive. There are fewer bumps in the road when you plan ahead.

Make Sure to Choose The Trusted Experts in European Car Repair

Don’t leave your baby to just any old idiot with a socket wrench. Trust it to the experts; certified and proven mechanics who specialize in European car repair. We have been servicing Saab, Mercedes, BMW, Opal, Ferrari, Porsche, Toyota, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, Mini, Lexus, Austin Healey, and Jaguar (to name a few) with expert precision since 2001. Our specialized mechanics bring a combined 60+ years of experience to each and every job we do. We understand the unique care these cars require.

Whether you need a brake job, radiator flush, or scheduled maintenance, we treat every job as if the vehicle were our own. We have founded this business on our trusted reputation and the long term relationships we have with our clients. This isn’t just car repair for us. It is our passion, our drive, our craft. Leave your car in the hands of the best. You will get optimal, reliable and affordable performance, guaranteed. Wondering how long your repair will take? Don’t hesitate to give us a call and get all of the details. We want you to be as comfortable with your car’s repairs as we are.

How to Choose the Right Volvo Mechanic in Cincinnati

What’s the best way to find a great repairman when it comes to servicing your Volvo? Consumer Reports suggests finding one that specializes in Volvos. Friends and family can provide great references. The Internet can be a handy resource. Certainly a successful shop that does good work will have a professional looking webpage. Always make sure the shop carries proper certification for all their mechanics, and you might want to run their name by the Better Business Bureau. And finally, give the shop a try. Experience provides valuable knowledge when it comes to a good shop.