Don’t trust just anyone to truly know Cincinnati jaguar repair- in and out.

Looking for someone to fix your jaguar? Sure, lots of mechanics and shops will work on jaguars. Of course, they will! But, do they specialize in them? Do they work with them both as a passion and as a living? We do. We love jaguars. We know them inside and out and realize that those who drive jaguars expect the best. Whether you need scheduled maintenance, brakes or a radiator flush, we strive to be the best in both customer service and quality of workmanship. We have seen the end result please even the most discerning driver. Come check us out today. Let the pride in our Cincinnati jaguar repair match the pride in your jaguar!

Lucky you! There’s a jaguar specialist in your backyard. We got you covered.

Oftentimes, when one buys a specialty vehicle, they don’t realize they may need to travel far and wide to find affordable and high-quality service and repair. Or, they may learn the hard way that the highly specialized care required for a Jaguar with its special needs shouldn’t be handed over to any Cincinnati car mechanic. They will likely be paying more for less: either getting a lower quality of service or paying way too much for what was done. With European Auto Specialists, our Jaguar technicians  do the job right because we know these cars, and we do the job affordably- because we want to know you and your jag for a lifetime!

Specialized Service for Jaguars Ahead of the Line

We truly understand the unique needs of Jaguar. That’s why we offer specialized service for Jaguars. Our mechanics are artists, hired specifically for their detailed knowledge of what it takes to make these cars purr. We’ve been specializing in Jaguars for decades, and we know the tricks of the trade to ensure their longevity. Don’t leave your baby in the hands of just anybody. We’ll take care of your car as if it were our own. We understand the unique needs of European cars and can trouble shoot just about any kind of problem. Challenges that stump most mechanics are second nature to us.

Specialized European Car Repair: Over 60 Years of Combined Experience

Specializing in all makes of European cars, we’ve been proudly serving the Cincinnati area since 2001. Working with over 60 years of combined experience, our technicians bring a level of professionalism and service to their work you just don’t find many other places. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our customers. They are our family. This is more than a job. It’s a relationship we value. Our auto repair shop is founded on the quality of the reputation we’ve built in Cincinnati.

We service Audis, Volkswagens, Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguars, Land Rovers, as well as other makes and models. You can feel confident you have always have someone professional and experienced working on your vehicle.

We specialize in all types of work on European and domestic vehicles, including:

  • electrical issues
  • car diagnostics
  • car troubleshooting
  • european brakes
  • brake flush service
  • radiator flush
  • scheduled maintenance
  • vintage car repair

Call us today or use the online form to schedule an appointment. Just say, “Hey, fix my Porsche!” and we’ll get you booked as soon as possible. Let’s get you back on the road.

An Honest and Qualified Cincinnati Car Mechanic.

Looking for a car mechanic in Cincinnati? European Auto Specialists is your local business providing an honest and qualified Cincinnati car mechanic with the experience, knowledge and professionalism found in any large city, with the trustworthiness of your neighborhood car shop. Qualified to work on new or vintage automobiles, foreign or domestic, you can rely on our service and efficiency. Give us a ring so that we may introduce ourselves or provide an estimate. We can walk you through any repair process and make you feel comfortable with your decision. Give us a chance to make you, as well, a repeat customer.

What’s the Best Approach for Finding Quality Service Repair for Your Vehicle?

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to choosing a quality repairman for your car, starting with specialty. Like people, every make and model of a vehicle is different, with its own quirks and service requirements when it comes to having your car fixed, especially in the cases of foreign cars. It is critical to choose a mechanic that understands your particular type of car. They’ll have not only the special training to work on your brand of vehicle, but they’ll also have the proper tools and equipment. They are also more likely to already have the parts they need on hand, or at the very least, know where they can get them without delaying the repair for longer than necessary.