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Mercedes to Release Heated Seatbelts? Maybe….

Posted 12/2/19

It’s summertime — and so easy to forget how cold winter can get in Cincinnati. But our car mechanics are always thinking ahead. So when they read the news that Mercedes Benz was developing heated seatbelts, they got pretty excited. Mercedes has long been a...

Ask Your Car Mechanic in Cincinnati to Address Multiple Issues on Same Appointment

Most people rely on their cars for just about everything they do. Taking their car to the mechanic is not just a major inconvenience — it’s a disruption of life itself, especially in Cincinnati. We get that. And that’s why we do everything in our power to be at your service and make sure the work is done in a timely fashion. But one way to minimize the number of times you’ll need to drop your car off is to have multiple issues addressed at the same time. When it’s time for a brake job, for example, why not opt for a radiator flush, tune up, and even a new set of tires?