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A $60 Gadget to Do Your Own Car Diagnostics

Posted 1/28/19

Our electrical specialists love tech. These days, cars are pretty much computers with engines and wheels, yet your average driver has no idea how to access the data. Here’s a $60 gadget that could change all that and connect your car’s interface to your computer,...

Car Diagnostics on Your Smartphone with the Automatic App

Posted 5/15/15

Looking for better insight into your car’s performance? Automatic, available for iPhone and Android, provides a link from your car to your smartphone to make sense of car diagnostics. It provides you feedback on your driving, everything from harsh braking to speeding, and can help...

The Top Repair Problems Seen by Our Cincinnati Audi Mechanics

Audis are beautiful cars when it comes to luxury, but just like every other high end item, they require occasional maintenance to ensure they maintain their value. Some of the most common issues our Audi repairmen see in our Cincinnati repair shop are really just general wear and tear concerns. We see occasional electrical component issues, usually involving failure of digital dashboard display or console, erratic lights and failed tailed lamps. This is pretty much a standard part replacement, but it’s important to use factory parts. Catalytic converters also tend to need replacement after a few years, which costs around $500 to $700.