Comprehensive Porsche Repair in Cincinnati


We don’t need to tell you how special a Porsche is. You own one. You know it’s an absolute dream to drive. A Porsche can handle turns at any speed with a precision that’s an absolute art form. Every car is a classic the moment it rolls off the lot.

But to continue to get superior performance from a Porsche you need to take care of it. And that means bringing it to a car mechanic who understands the specialized care it requires. At European Auto Specialists, our mechanics know Porsches inside and out. That’s our passion, why we got into auto repair in the first place. It’s what makes us the premiere choice for automobile repair in Cincinnati.

If you’re lucky enough to count yourself among the elite of Porsche drivers—whether it’s an old classic model or a brand new, sleek edition—European Auto Specialists, Ltd. is here to help you keep it looking, feeling and performing perfectly! Our experience in Porsche maintenance and Porsche repair in Cincinnati is second to none and in the decades we’ve been in operation, we’ve had our hands on Porsches of all kinds, giving us a depth of experience in bringing them back to their full potential.

Whether your Porsche has lost its purr, you’re not getting the power you once did or the time has just come to give it the routine attention it needs, Leave the job to our Porsche technicians. You will receive optimal service from specialists who truly understand these cars.

Porsches are beautiful cars that perform great on the road or track. They give excellence familiarity and class. Like any car, however, a Porsche will occasionally have problems. And since they’re such special cars, they require specialized care. We’ve been servicing Porsches with over 60 years of combined experience. We understand what makes them tick and how to make them last. We specialize in Porsche brakes, scheduled maintenance, brake flush, radiator flush and all kinds of electrical problems.

Why choose us for Porsche service?

Picking out a mechanic is already a daunting process for most people—when you factor the special and specific needs of a Porsche into the equation, it only becomes harder to achieve peace of mind.

We know that your Porsche isn’t just “any old car,” which is why we don’t treat it like that. Instead, we staff expert Porsche mechanics in Cincinnati, to give you the peace of mind that only comes with veteran repair experience. Moreover, we pride ourselves on staying up to date and in tune with the methods and resources that Porsche itself uses for repairs, guaranteeing top quality results no matter the service. Whether your Porsche needs a brake job, scheduled maintenance or a radiator flush, our Cayenne garage will treat it like it’s our baby.Comprehensive Porsche Repair in Cincinnati

Don’t treat your Porsche with anything less than the reverence it deserves and when it’s time for repairs, routine maintenance or any other professional service, make your first and only call one to European Auto Specialists, Ltd. As the local area experts in Porsche repair in Cincinnati, you can trust in us! Give our professionals a call today at 513-891-8450 to schedule a service appointment.

How Often Should You Replace Jaguar Brakes?

On average, the brakes on your Jaguar should be replaced every 50,000 miles as a matter of regularly scheduled maintenance. This can vary depending on a number of factors, including driving habits and how often you hit on the brakes or simply let the car coast to a stop. Environment also plays a role. Do you drive in a city, and are the lights timed? Do you drive on winding country roads that require frequent braking to adjust for speed? It’s generally a good idea to have them inspected before you have a problem. Replacing pads is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole rotor.