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3 New Affordable Plug-in Hybrids from Mercedes

Posted 7/6/20

Mercedes is starting out the first quarter of 2020 with a bang. The company recently announced it will introduce three new plug-in hybrid vehicles that will be derivatives of the new GLA, CLA sedan, and CLA Shooting Brake (estate). Even more importantly, the move will...

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Mercedes & Ineos Team Up to Dominate Racing Game

Posted 5/18/20

Mercedes is about to spice up its racing game. The European car manufacturer recently signed a technical partnership with Ineos Sports’ cycling and sailing divisions. The agreement will have the two juggernauts collaborating in competitions on track, road, and sea. Both teams engineers will work...

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Razor Thin: BMW Tops Mercedes by Just 34 Cars in US Sales

Posted 4/6/20

Look, the mechanics at our Cincinnati auto garage love a competition — especially when it’s close. And when it comes to US sales last October, the BMW vs. Mercedes competition didn’t disappoint. BMW beat Mercedes barely by the nose — a difference of only 34...

Mercedes to Release Heated Seatbelts? Maybe….

Posted 12/2/19

It’s summertime — and so easy to forget how cold winter can get in Cincinnati. But our car mechanics are always thinking ahead. So when they read the news that Mercedes Benz was developing heated seatbelts, they got pretty excited. Mercedes has long been a...

BMW’s Success in 2019 Continues to Climb

Posted 11/18/19

April wasn’t a bad month for BMW. Sales continue increase, growing another 1.4% for a total of 23,816 over the 23,482 vehicles sold in April 2018. That and the slight growth BMW also managed for January put it ahead of Mercedes, selling 3,584 more luxury...

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The BMW 3-Series: Serious Tech for a New Age

Posted 7/29/19

At our Cincinnati auto shop, our technicians have a little rivalry going. The guys who fix BMWs and the ones who like Mercedes are always arguing why their favorite car is the best. It’s a lot like the Ford/Chevy rivalry of the ‘80s. We like...

Signs You Need New Cincinnati BMW Brakes

Your BMW’s brakes are not something you want to ignore. We often recommend to our Cincinnati customers they get a brake inspection whenever they are getting routine work done. It’s always cheaper to be ahead of the curve and get them replaced before they wear into the rotor. Most modern BMWs will have a warning light come on that you need your brakes fixed. If this happens, call us immediately for an appointment. Other signs include squeaking sounds when you brake, if the car swerves one direction or another when you brake, or if the brake pedal feels spongy and soft. A burning smell around the wheel when you drive is a sign that the brake has become stuck. You may need to get new brake cables.