Servicing Porsche Brakes, Updating Tires and Other Steps to Prepare for Winter

Winter is rough on cars, especially Porsches. Salt build up, freezing conditions, hazardous roads are no picnic for your auto. When fall rolls into town, setting the leaves on fire with color and bringing in the chilly evenings, it’s time to start preparing your Porsche for the snowstorms that are sure to eventually follow. This means getting your Porsche brakes serviced, getting your yearly maintenance in, checking all your fluids and making sure your tires have the tread they need to make it through the season.

The Beauty and Pain of Porsche Disc Brakes

Porsche are equipped with disc brakes, which provide great stopping power, but at a price. Disc brakes require more upkeep and preventative maintenance than your traditional drum brakes. Worn disc brakes are much less ineffective, which can literally be a matter of life or death during the winter months. Disc brakes past their prime produce vibration and have significantly less stopping power. This can be very bad news during a blizzard. Get your brakes inspected.

Don’t Forget the Tires

You should also make sure your tires are ready to tackle the season.Tires are legally required to have 2/32″ (approximately 1.6mm) of remaining tread depth. However, to be safe, especially during wintry conditions, we recommend replacing any tires at 4/32″ of remaining tread depth.

Tips for Choosing the Best Automobile Repair Shop in Cincinnati

Quality auto repair shops in Cincinnati might be your local garage, your family run shop, or even a suburban dealership (although if the car isn’t under warranty, you’ll definitely overpay). First, check to see if the shop is certified by the AAA. If you are a member, you’ll get a discount. Always visit a shop before you get work done so you can inspect the working conditions and the technicians. And remember the best recommendation for a good site is always word of mouth. Check with friends, family and coworkers for their experiences. If they’ve had problems, they’ll share the stories. Likewise, they’ll share the praise of the shops they’ve come to trust.