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How To Take Care of Your 2004 Porsche Cayenne Brake Job

Posted 11/14/22

Looking to fix the brakes on your 2004 Porsche Cayenne? YouTube channel Self Reliant has a great 7 minute video that walks you through replacing your Cayenne’s brake pads and rotors  step by step. If you decide to do it yourself, a video like this...

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Replacing Porsche Brakes With Advice From Instructables

Posted 8/15/22

Looking for some advice before you replace your Porsche brakes? If you have a Porsche 944 from 1989 or thereabouts, the folks at Instructables have some simple, easy-to-follow advice to get you started. The writer doesn’t waste much time on words, but has some close-up...

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Happy Birthday Porsche! The Anniversary of 3 Iconic Models

Posted 6/22/20

At our auto repair shop in Cincinnati, we don’t often break out the party hats, but when we do, it’s for Porsche. This past March, Porsche celebrated the birthdays of three iconic Porsche vehicles. Though this year’s Geneva Motor Show was canceled, Porsche took occasion...

Signs You Need New Jaguar Brakes

Your Jaguar might have a brake issue if you ever hear a sound connected to braking, there’s a difference in braking power, or you notice a burning smell while you’re driving. If a red or yellow brake warning sign comes on, it is time for an inspection. A high-pitched squealing sound is a sign that the brake pad wear indicators have been worn thin. These are steel contact points that connect with the rotor as a warning sign that the pads are wearing out. Another sign is if you experience wobbling or feel one side pull stronger than the other when you brake. When you brake, the stopping power should feel smooth and completely even on both sides. If not, you should bring your brakes in to your Cincinnati mechanic for an inspection.