Jaguar Extends Scheduled Maintenance on 2016 Models

Jaguars are beautiful machines, but they have a high price tag and can be expensive to maintain. Fortunately for all Jaguar owners, the company took heed and lowered their prices as well as rolled out free scheduled maintenance in the US.

The 2016 model features the free EliteCare 5-year/60,000-mile scheduled maintenance warranty. That plus a $1,500 to $3,000 lower price tag should make “all models significantly more affordable,” Joe Eberhardt, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America told Automotive News about the new savings.

Those savings also come with improved equipment levels of 10 to 20 percent, so you are getting more value for less money.

Better Costs, Better Positioning

The new approach helps the company be better “positioned at the heart depending on how you do the price comparison,” Eberhardt said. “Directionally, we are below all the Germans and we are par or slightly above the Asia or domestic competitors.”

The new Jaguar scheduled maintenance plans are 1 year and 10,000 miles longer than plans offered by BMW and Cadillac. The catch is that the warranty can’t be transferred to a second owner. It also doesn’t cover brakes, wipers or other wear and tear parts. By at 5 years for 60,000 miles, who can really complain?

We Can Service Any Jaguar Repair Need

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Why Jaguar Technicians Recommend Fixing Your Oxygen Sensor

It’s a sad but undeniable reality  of our age. About 50 percent of all Americans breathe air that fails to meet national clean air standards. So the next time that pesky Check Engine light goes off and your certified Jaguar mechanic tells you it’s just the oxygen sensor, don’t ignore it. Oxygen sensors play a key role in reducing air pollution. That’s why many states, counties and municipalities require a smog inspection. The oxygen sensor guarantees there is an optimal balance of oxygen in your exhaust in order to minimize the pollution, a significant contributor to both smog and greenhouse gases. Get your oxygen sensor fixed. You’ll make your contribution to cleaner air, and you’re next smog inspection will be a breeze.