A Cincinnati car mechanic should be an expert in the field.

At European Auto Specialists, car repair isn’t just a job. It’s an art form. We fix all kinds of cars, foreign and domestic, but European car repair is where we really shine. We’ll fix BMW brakes, Jaguar brake flushes, Land Rover regularly scheduled performance maintenance. We understand that European cars are special machines, and they require special car repair. We do basic car diagnostics, electrical repairs, car troubleshooting, and more. We’re your choice for superior car repair in Cincinnati. Come check us out and see for yourself!

Vehicle repair that’s honest and trustworthy.

How about we make a deal? We promise to earn your trust, every time you bring your car in to our Cincinnati shop for repair — and you promise to keep coming back. It’s just that simple.

That’s the kind of auto repair shop agreement we’ve made with our customers for close to two decades. That’s what’s earned us our reputation for delivering impeccable top quality service to the Cincinnati area. Our customers love us because they know they just can’t get this level of high quality care anywhere else. We live and breathe European machines. We understand the specialized care they require.

We want you to be a customer for a lifetime, and you deserve to be treated the same way that anyone should expect to be treated: with honesty.

A Service Garage that Seeks Lifetime Satisfaction for Our Customers

We’re committed mechanics and car electrical specialists. We value our customers not only for the lifetime of their vehicles, but for the lifetimes of our customers themselves. That’s because we offer dedicated service that’s ahead of the line. We tell it to you straight, without billing you for unnecessary labor or expensive parts. We also offer specialized service that knows how to treat your vehicle right. Your car is your baby. We’ll treat it like it’s our own. We are a service garage that values your business and stands by our commitment. We value your trust and work to keep that going for a lifetime.

Decades of Service, a Lifetime of Experience

Serving the Cincinnati area since 2001, we offer premium car repair with a commitment to quality and service heads above other service garages in the area. Our technicians bring over 60 years of combined experience to your repair job. We’ll fix your car efficiently and to a higher quality standard you just won’t find anywhere else.

In addition to quality, our shop also prides itself on honesty. You’ll never get the run around here, nor will be told you need a repair that’s just unnecessary. We believe in building a long-time relationship with our clients based on trust and commitment. No repair we make is a one-off job. Your satisfaction is our priority, our pride.

We repair classic cars, family cars, commuter cars and everything in between. Yes, European and foreign cars are our specialty, but we service any vehicle. Feel free to stop by anytime with a question or to schedule a repair. Give us a call or use our online form to schedule an appointment right from your computer. It’s just that easy. Whenever you need it, contact us and say, “Hey, fix my car!” We’re here for you.

Where can I find somebody to work on my Audi in Cincy?

There are plenty of places that *will* work on your Audi in SW Ohio and Northern Kentucky, but just because somebody *can* do something, doesn't mean that they should. Audis are known for having front suspensions that are hard to work on, but in the right hands, it's an easy job. Knowing that the entire front end is pretty easy to take off (with the right equipment) doesn't hurt either. Take your A4 or B5 to somebody unfamiliar with the tricks of the trade and you'll probably pay more for less. So consider rephrasing that question for the best Audi service.

Regular Maintenance for Mercedes

Mercedes require a trip to the mechanic at regular intervals to maintain top performance. Like any car, you need to of course change the oil regularly, but be sure to always use synthetic oil so the engine will last longer. The transmission oil and filter should be changed every 40,000 miles, or about every 4 to 5 years depending on the mileage put on the car. Brake fluid should also be checked regularly, with the fluid replaced every 20,000 miles, or an average of 2 to 3 years. Tires should be checked once a month to get optimal gas mileage and avoid flats.