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The New Porsche 911: the Evolution of the Electric Porsche

Posted 7/1/19

Porsche likes to think ahead. That’s something our Porsche technicians certainly have observed all these years repairing Porsches. And if you own a Porsche, it’s a quality you probably appreciate too. After all, it’s one of Porsche’s advantages that make it unlike any other car...

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Porsche Does 911 Fans a Solid with the GT3

Posted 2/12/18

Porsche just gave our Porsche mechanics an early Christmas present. The company unveiled the new 911 GT3 with Touring Package ahead of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It essentially turns the GT3 into a more affordable 911R. So yeah, we’re fattening our piggy banks and...

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The New Porsche 2018 911 GT2 RS: A Rare Jewel

Posted 12/25/17

Yeah, right about now our Porsche technicians wished they had majored in something other than Porsche repair in college, perhaps instead gone into something like Nigerian royalty or the diamond industry. The new Porsche 2018 911 GT2 RS is going to cost a lot, about...

The Porsche 911: More Than 50 Years of Quality and Fun

Posted 10/10/16

The Fascinating History of a Truly Iconic Sportscar The 911 has a long and well-celebrated place in Porsche history. The original concept for the 911 went all the way back to some original drawings made by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche in 1959, which were made just...

Most Common Reasons for Needing a BMW Technician

Most people choose BMW because of its reputation for reliability. And it has earned this cred, hands down. Own a BMW, and you won’t be calling the mechanic too often. But like any mechanical piece of equipment, parts do break down over time. Electronic issues are some of the most common reasons BMWs need fixed. Remote door locks tend to also have problems. The alloy on the wheels can tend to crack, which could cause a flat. Ignition modules, the clutch, and injectors occasionally need to be replaced. Power windows are known to have problems from time to time.