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The History Behind BMW: Airplanes, Motorcycles and More

Posted 1/3/23

BMWs are incredible cars. So incredible, in fact, that the same German engineering was used in what Snoopy’s own nemesis the Red Baron called the greatest engine in World War I. Our friends over at Thrillist put together some fascinating history about the airplane engine...

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BMW to Launch Electric Versions of 5 Series & 7 Series

Posted 11/2/20

As BMW technicians, let us tell you how impressed we are with BMW’s commitment to the environment. The car company seems to be rolling new electric cars onto their showroom floor every day. We certainly repair a lot of BMWs at our auto repair shop...

BMW Technician: Is It Time for New Brakes?

Is it time to take your BMW to the mechanic for a brake job? If you have an older BMW, you probably won’t get an alert on your dash that it’s time. But there are several tell tale signs to look out for. The most obvious indication is a scraping and grinding sound every time you press the brakes. Another sign is if your car swerves to the left or the right, ever so slightly, when you brake. You might also need a brake job if the car doesn’t stop right away. Either way, be sure to bring your BMW shop into the mechanic as soon as you suspect anything is wrong. Go too long, the brakes will eat into the rotors, making what would normally be a fairly inexpensive brake job into a costly repair.