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The $2 Million Vintage Car Castle Find

Posted 11/13/17

We’ve been cleaning out our auto repair shop in Cincinnati lately. We’ve made some interesting finds: a vintage BMW engine, an old flex pipe we should have thrown out years ago, even some old random tools we wrote off as history. But we never found...

Need a Break from Repair? A Vintage Car Video for Inspiration

Posted 8/3/17

Taking a break from your vintage car repair? We understand. Repairing classic cars is hard work. Looking for some inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Check out this YouTube video of the most beautiful classic vintage cars. They’re amazing. We’re talking James Bond amazing. And if...

Check Out This Classic 1960 Saab 93F in Excellent Repair

Posted 6/14/17

Love classic Saabs and vintage cars? Our Saab mechanics have an insider tip for you. Check out this gorgeous  1960 Saab 93F i up for auction. It’s sale bid reached $5,700, which is quite a bit of money for a vintage automobile, but it’s practically...

Would You Believe These Celebrities Love Vintage Car Repair?

Posted 5/3/17

If you’re like our Cincinnati car mechanics, you live and breathe European cars, everything from the hod rod roasters that just peeled out of the lot to the antique beauties that are practically history on wheels. At European Auto Mechanics, we love great cars, and...

A Fully Restored Model H Triumph Motorcycle from 1917

Posted 1/6/17

We love old cars and restoring old motorcycles at our import car maintenance shop. They are a piece of history. And we couldn’t be any more excited when we stumbled across this video the other day featuring a Model H Triumph motorcycle from 1917 that...

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We’ll Inspect Vintage Cars and Give You a Diagnosis

Posted 8/4/14

The Art of Vintage Car Repair: Seek an Experienced Opinion Hitting the open road with the top down in a classic car can make just about anyone feel like a star. There’s something special about driving a vintage automobile that you just don’t feel every...

One Cincinnati BMW Mechanic’s  Opinion on the Success of the BMW i3

In the fourth month of BMW selling its all new electric car, BMW i3 has enjoyed sales rate 70 percent higher in the US than Tesla, according to a recent article in the Street. Tesla sold a mere 600 cars in the US in August, while BMW’s i3 sold 1,025. Part of the reason is Tesla’s own demise, down 54 percent over last year. Still, it does speak to the power of BMW’s electric car. As our BMW mechanics in Cincinnati will tell you, it’s a quality vehicle. It needs special care and service that’s best done by BMW experts like European Auto Specialists, but it’s a solid vehicle, one of the best BMW has ever made.