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Weathering the Winter Blast: Readying Your Car for Cold

Posted 11/27/23

During the sweltering days of summer it can seem like winter will never arrive, and then suddenly your are rooting through your car’s trunk trying to find that infernal ice scraper. When it comes to weather extremes—from the sweltering to the frigid—it’s important to prepare...

Radiator Flush 101: Important Maintenance Explained

Posted 12/24/18

Dirt happens. Not only to the outside of our cars, but to the inner workings as well—including radiators. As the radiator does its job keeping your car running at an appropriate temperature, it produces gunk and deposits that clog its insides over time. Eventually, it...

Repairing and Maintaining Your Land Rover

Posted 8/24/14

Land Lovers can take a beating, but like anyone else, they need a little love too. You only get out of a Land Rover what you put in. Take care of your Land Rover with regular repairs, tune ups, oil and fluid changes, and the...

Volvos: Dependable Machines, Especially When Serviced by a Top Cincinnati Volvo Mechanic

Volvos are great cars. They even made history as the first cars to be fitted with three point seat belts. In fact, Volvo bought the patent and then released it because of the lives it would save when the technology became ubiquitous. Volvos are known as practical vehicles, but don’t overlook their speed. Top Gear describes the super-fast 501bhp S60 engine as “a masterpiece of restraint, while detonating Volvo’s risk-averse reputation at the same time.” Volvos were driven by the Tom Walkinshaw Racing team to place third and fifth in a number of professional races. And if they are serviced regularly by an auto garage that specializes in Volvos, they will last a long time. Volvos have earned a reputation for practical functionality.